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Studer Analog Multitracks user reviews

  • Studer A820

    Studer A820 - moosers's review


    The Studer A820 is an analog multi-track tape machine.  The A820 is a 24 track machine, consisting of both the tape section itself and a portable controller.  While I'm not an expert with tape as it was a bit before my time, I have used the A820 on a…

Translated user reviews
  • Studer A827 Gold Edition

    Studer A827 Gold Edition - " perfect."


    As I describe in the news: * multitrack recorder analog tape two inches (2 ") * Heads (headstacks) read / write are several format: 24 tracks / 16 tracks / 8 tracks (JRF) and soon even 4 tracks, 2 "(yes). Unwinding speed: 76.2 cm / s, 38.1 cm / s…

  • Studer A810

    Studer A810 - " A810 Power"


    Hello all If you hesitate between an A807 and an A810, I recommend the A807. The A810 is a great device as it works. But if you ever have a power failure ......... The engineers who created this super food secure were really pleased. They are drop…

  • Studer A77

    Studer A77 - " Good machine"


    36 years of use honest machine Nothing comparable with Studer that is well above the class Single machine, no problem Simple electronic, mechanical, minimalist Sound reproduction a bit blurry, imprecise Sluggish Lack of punch Great for rewind…

  • Studer A810

    Studer A810 - cinematic's review


    Hi there ... I feel you a text about the studs A810 ...... I hope you Received it. I am in Paris for a week and Would Like to check it out ...... You Can Call me on 001-917-803-9844 Regards J …

  • Studer A80

    Studer A80 - philou72's review


    Very good magneto course, but it goes without saying that you can not use it on any style of music. It is very suitable for styles which transients must not be "sharp", on the other hand when it comes to dance music, house, electro sound tends to so…

  • Studer A80

    Studer A80 - choupakbla's review


    Everything is there! plugins need to try to simulate the heat, punch, fullness, dynamics, smoothness, the presence, the gentle, the depth, breadth, beauty ... What's true! A place everywhere mix, mastering, the sound ... A musical set in all hand o…

  • Studer A80

    Studer A80 - Jpa46's review


    If there was still something to be said for the uninitiated, it would only be the greater good, the Rolls recorders as aesthetically and technically simple, sober and beautiful at the same time, a trouble-free maintenance in time, technically stable …