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C13303 03/28/2010

Dave Smith Instruments Tetra : C13303's user review


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A good concept, 4 tilt (including 2 subs), 4 channels playable separately or in harmony, for such a small boitieur is enormous. Its analog (oven-voice multitimbral analog Synthesizer), only 4 controls Front: cutoff, reso, attack and decay / release. For the rest, the sub menu with 4 wheels (choose 4 params to control in front).

Indeed, without the utility, it's still unthinkable to use the monster. The idea is the stuff of his sounds and patches (you can even sequencer inside!) And after a machine is highly mobile, top to live!


Problem: The utility is buggy, incomplete firmware and some features are still inaccessible! A shame. Obviously it will surely be corrected, but here is the synth is worth a certain price and you can not use it completely.
Very disappointed by this aspect!

This causes me desync, bugs (note remaining engaged). Height: publisher "pro" pay is not available but it says it works better (according to the list of pro features of this producer I have no printing).
Distrust, be ready to geek out for you.


The sounds are very good. At first I was disappointed but at heart he is very powerful, it can make beautiful sounds like shit.
Feedback is not my cup of tea but those who seek aggressive sounds are also served. The modular side patchable (via digital editor) opens possibilities crazy.


It's been two months, I have not tried others in the genre (Would there what? The modular micro?)

- The 4 votes! Separable or not!
- Small size
- Sounds pretty good
I bade:
- The publisher of m ***** incomplete charge, which limits the machine (I do not understand that Dave Smith reacts no more than that)
- Bugs and all that implies
Despite his galleys it's still a very good machine, in practice, once a little subdued. I would do without doubt the choice because I have not tested yet equivalent, but if I had to I would see the north side home, although I'm scared of its coldest.