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All user reviews for the Future Retro 777

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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Future Retro 777
This machine is the acid god

Price paid: $777 + s and h


Nice userface beautiful manual....these people made the machine that will revolutionize the techno world...analog synthesizer sequencer with copy paste


Deffinatly focused for techno...nice bassy rifts drifting....


Deffinatly robust enough for a gig...switches and knobs...good sequencer memory...good song mode...very good company to work with ...they help out with any problems...good warranty on mods that are sweet

this machine is probably going to give me a heart attack its so close to my heart..i got some nice mods that are very effective..and will hopefully get more...this company is awesome....i would march for them...jered for president

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Posted by: Unknown ( 4-, 2003)

bloodofjesus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Future Retro 777
MODEL-type desk, I think it is possible to the rack but it would be changed "unofficial". The number of sounds dpend only your imagination! No preset, you CRER the sound you DSIR and you will plenty to do: 31 + 5 potentiomtres switch to select the filter 18db or 42 db (no you do not rvez! ), the type of enclosure, a bass boost or not, and two types of phase.

Trs connector simplistic but sufficient: a midi in and out, audio out (one for mono), but surprisingly it can either transmit or receive via terminals accent out and in, gate out and in, in and out CV (control voltage , and finally not tried in these different filter parameter.


Easy and intuitive, one begins to play publisher and is expressed every time a rel pleasure. Handbook of thirty page in English only but trs extremely clear and explicit. The strength of this synth is primarily its simplicity.


Finally here is the most INTERESTED lment of a synth: the sound! And the 777 is flexible because in addition to its astonishment warm, "blippant", often a TB pens, can also play low natural and funky. After a few rhythms CRER test is easy, there are also a site o it is possible to use diffrent patch configuration in order to reproduce a particular sound ... The effects are also spciaux the fte and sounds from another dimension are possible.


I wonder what are the limits of this synth. The after-sales service is excellent as the futureretro comes from a family business consisting of two people (one pre and son) enthusiasts analog synths. I do not know if there is a distributor in Europe but it is more attractive financirement to order it directly from the United States, especially given the level of $ these days ... Some would say that sounds are 777 dpasss because too often by utiliss REFERENCE TB, but the futureretro is not only an emulator and bcp will further according to mani re you use it.