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All user reviews for the Music And More MB-33 MkII

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 1 user review25 %
 1 user review25 %
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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Music And More MB-33 MkII
100% mono bassline ANALOG clone type tb 303 "glide, accent, 18db filter etc."
one between an output gain of the adjustable resonance via a vice on the back side
oscillator mixable sub + saw + square + pwm
but no memory patch via midi
midi in, out, thru


Ultra simple as a TB303 without the sequencer
nothing to say on the manual can have without


The sound is perfect for lines tb acid, a little bigger and powerful That a TB303 my taste
rating realism is Tb with a different character in particular focus, and faster response and punchy, and mixable sub oscillator, saw, square, PWM provides more opportunities in the sound
with distortion is a bit more aggressive than TB303, the resonance push thoroughly and violent acid and its whistling limit of self-oscillation
no problem at the glide it responds perfectly and identical to a 303, just a little annoying not blow it takes is analog, the distortion disheveled but a little push tends to lower the general volume
I love this bassline for his aggressive and different warm character of the original tb, the variable oscillator Audible offers more opportunity, it sounds very TB300 but does not replace the original, for the pure clonnage vst plugs are realistic, audiorealisme, etc silverbox
9 for the hot and aggressive character


It's been 11 years since I use
The special feature I like most is the warmth and aggresivite sound and sub osc mixable, a type tb 303 bassline with a character that he and clean, we like it or not of taste
I love all for the price
I would do this choice without problem

Sn2o's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Music And More MB-33 MkII
See below. on mine MIDI THROUGH and more. (pkoi I do not know!)
8 as a good easy to use (that a normal thing)


Do not need the manual. one branch, turn the knobs out of the ca.


I'm a fan of the acid. I have a bassline that acidlab fleurte with the TB
and I expected something seen through a few samples that I have cost here and on the net ..
In fact the sound is plutt Well, it purrs sometimes. Qelque not expect a thing to end! The distortion is effective but sometimes eats a little sound. With a reverb on Legre apprcie better gear.
I wanted to dpart a bassline that I can controller by an external sequencer to edit complex patterns. finally as the bassline complment I am happy trs. good at the same time I left scptique trs.

9 qd same good .. amrita.

oh yeah, and mine (still) not breathing. I had read the opposite here and the (still) not, here perfect good seed ...


I've had 15 days to buy a misra on ebay ...

no, I would do without this choice for hsiter complter with other synth.

Ikkini's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Music And More MB-33 MkII
Low analog 1U, input / output jack mono 6.35, MIDI in / out.
the minimum, nothing is missing, but there is no fantasy, it's a bassline, period.


A succinct manual in German that rvle unnecessary given the simplicity of the machine, it's analog and it is useless to seek twelve fourteen hours ...


The sound is his asset, is a matter of got: we love it or hate it should cost. I love, the filter can smooth or sharp as a chubby sound are not found in numrique. The same attention while a friend was one that did not sound the same as mine! try before you buy.


It is a simple module low and cheap, the case is weak and the sound CHARACTERISTICS. absolute cost.

Psycom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Music And More MB-33 MkII
The MAM MB33-II is a low mule type TB303. I bought a few years ago. It has a mono audio output, an audio between mono (which allows you to connect a source and the filter), a MIDI IN & OUT. Custom settings for the most ditables via MIDI, except a few prs (it's a shame: difficult to find exactly the same because of the few non-recordable and non paramtres contrlables MIDI ).


The edition of the sounds is very easy thanks to potentiomtres who are in front. There is no effect, so remember to put a multi-effects derrire. There is no manual if I remember correctly, all we Manir branch and it works.


The sound is warm enough, for there are cons of breath (much more than a TB303) which means the sounds of "deaf". As soon as you push against the distortion, the breath can not hear, forcment!

The raction to play legato is quite random image (sometimes certain notes are cut so that one would like to pass a note the other is plutt frustrating). You can choose to put on accents as a TB. A default to be as effective as that of TB, the focus is still quite powerful. The distortion is also effective, but when it is pushed back, the noise level is low rev ...


I used a few years ago, now it trane in a corner of the studio. I love the sound (apart from the breath), I do not like the random image rponse to play legato. With the exprience, I would do this not because of its small selection default (currently between the audio does not work: at finish, we do better!) But for the price (especially used), may be INTERESTED to use it occasionally.