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Translated user reviews
  • Music And More FreeBass 383

    Music And More FreeBass 383 - " Very good clone of Tb 303"


    1 rack unit, 1 audio out, 1 audio input to use the filter external source, and a midi in socket. UTILIZATION No manual, but hey there's no need for the ultra simple to use. SOUNDS While the sound is excellent if the analog grain is desired, i…

  • Music And More Mini Syncussion DRM2

    Music And More Mini Syncussion DRM2 - " SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE!"


    1U rack synth 100% analog. (this synth came out in first touched by sound, with a different design on the front) DRM 2 includes: 1 trig button, knobs and 8: decay, pitch, bend, attack, int fm, fm freq, distortion, volume. Mono: IN / OUT PM:…

  • Music And More MB-33 MkII

    Music And More MB-33 MkII - thirdtype's review


    100% mono bassline ANALOG clone type tb 303 "glide, accent, 18db filter etc." one between an output gain of the adjustable resonance via a vice on the back side oscillator mixable sub + saw + square + pwm but no memory patch via midi midi in,…

  • Music And More FreeBass 383

    Music And More FreeBass 383 - Erba's review


    Here's the ball! I bought it like that without knowing what it would ... Well, there's the minimum for sure! The buttons have a function and only ONE! Do not expect to save anything at all with this stuff! The connections are MIDI In, VCF I…

  • Music And More MB-33 MkII

    Music And More MB-33 MkII - Sn2o's review


    See below. on mine MIDI THROUGH and more. (pkoi I do not know!) 8 as a good easy to use (that a normal thing) UTILIZATION Do not need the manual. one branch, turn the knobs out of the ca. SOUNDS I'm a fan of the acid. I have a bassline that…

  • Music And More MB-33

    Music And More MB-33 - fafy69's review


    Rack-19ps -Control buttons on the front, adjustable miniswitch noon on the back (in exadecimal ..) Midi in only one input and one mono audio output (enables the use of Section vcf an external source!) No-limit, since the bike is a 100% analog a…

  • Music And More MB-33

    Music And More MB-33 - pirespece's review


    Used only by an external interface since it's a rack! Jack from a 6.35 (I do not know if Stereo or mono, but I would put my ticket to mono), a mono output jack 6.35, a range of noon, no internal memory, no s internal sequencer, the external rglages…

  • Music And More MB-33 MkII

    Music And More MB-33 MkII - Ikkini's review


    Low analog 1U, input / output jack mono 6.35, MIDI in / out. the minimum, nothing is missing, but there is no fantasy, it's a bassline, period. UTILIZATION A succinct manual in German that rvle unnecessary given the simplicity of the machine, i…

  • Music And More ADX 1

    Music And More ADX 1 - Spinny's review


    This is an expander with 5 baterie analog instruments with 10 instruments rglages by Pan and Volume for each. There is also a master volume knob making 51 pots. The machine reoit notes by midi in, out and sounds .. that's all! Nothing midi out exce…