Music And More FreeBass 383
Music And More FreeBass 383

FreeBass 383, Analog Synth Rack/Sound Module from Music And More.

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Music And More FreeBass 383 : Anonymous 's user review


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Warning ears! Here is a formulation of the Roland TB303 clbrissime.
This is a 1u rack trs shallow (6 cm ....) dot of a connection to a modular Phra:
-Connection Electric
-1 Mono output
-1 Input twelve o'clock
-1 Audio input
That's it!
So it's extremely simple to use and takes up SETTING THE TB
VCO: mix between saw and square, tune
VCF: Cut Off, Rso, Env mode
Accent on rlable vca and / or vcf
Envelope: Decay.
No memory, no shipment noon intrupteur not power up.
It's a real analog so it can dsacorder, so there is a button auto tune.
In short, it's very simple but it's a TB then be defined ...


Select the MIDI channel is via the rear switch 4 tiny rack of: combining the position of each channel to change.
The edition is very simple: all the pots are in front and they are fiddling rpondent ds. All fawns, given the characteristics of the BTE, do not need to capture the ena.
The book consists of two double-sided A4 sheet folded in two, connected rdig and is in German. It will be very useful to light a path or a Molotov cocktail.


We demand 303 sounds: there are sounds that resemble those of the 303.
Some would say that what made the charm of this machine's c'tait squenceur, but here is no y '. It will not then ....
The glide set off alone as ds 2 ratings overlap. It's a shame not to have made the top rglage.
But we get good bass lines and filter 24dB/oct acid fulfills its rle.
Against it by a factory Mistral: that blows!!
There's much sr no effect, LFO and other bonus: a VCO, VCF and VCA one point!
And there's an audio input to get a signal in the filter. Warning signal will be entedu if the machine receives notes: the note-on that dclanche VCA. So it sucks a little handle, but can CRER cool effects if one takes a little effort.


I just bought it, but I like good dj. It is also easy to find Rhine for less than 100 euros, the price would be stupid to not take one. It's faster to 1000 euros in midday and not tb, frankly, much less than the ORIGINAL connatre, was well worth the.
I do not know the other formulation of TB (by the BassStation which is anything but an accumulation of TB), but the hold the road.
Strengths: sound, ease of use between audio, price
Weaknesses: no rglage the glide, rponse of 4 octaves only, no intrupteur, no transmission noon, look