Music And More FreeBass 383
Music And More FreeBass 383

FreeBass 383, Analog Synth Rack/Sound Module from Music And More.

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Erba 02/08/2008

Music And More FreeBass 383 : Erba's user review


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Here's the ball!
I bought it like that without knowing what it would ...
Well, there's the minimum for sure!
The buttons have a function and only ONE!
Do not expect to save anything at all with this stuff!
The connections are MIDI In, VCF In, Audio Out and basta!
This is pure home hard!
Description thingy (do not think I underestimate the FB-383 by naming thingy!)
From left to right:
2 leds: power on & MIDI, a switch Auto-Tune, a Tune knob, a knob Wave (Square to Saw), a Cutoff knob, a knob VCF Reso, Env Mod 1 knob, a knob VCA / VCF Accent, a knob Decay envelope and finally a master volume knob.

There's also a small Multi-switch for MIDI and caneaux 12v 500ma ac of course.


Arf! Use ...
How to say?
It's TB-303 without the T nor B nor the 303!
No sequencer so from this point of view not worry ...
No effect ...
The manual?!

In short it's plug and acid to be that one has a good sequencer / arpeggiator (+ a distortion of poor quality, which goes without saying LOL).


It must be a name of a dead dog! LOL
Estimate the cost of the original TB-303!
I personally have a couple of MC-303 + for a small distortion pedal hop and I tape a trip to Goa!
The sound is top level!
This rack has something to shake an entire building so there decent low (and thereby close the pants off the second! LOL)!
T'aing! How to say ... It's not TB TB!
He must listen to believe it.
They make me laugh sounds TB of my MC-303 (Roland!!) Facing the FB-383!
To sum it Péchu and everything!
There's some guys on youtube that make the demo, so listen!


It's been a while ... I use it know how many ...
In retrospect I think I did well to invest in there rather than in an original TB ...
Sounds better than Basstation is clear!

The only flaw is that the oscilloscope can Disagree, but hey that is sets of four hours non-stop live?

It's crazy the coast of the machine increases and it is almost impossible to find in OCCAZ!
Her side more than the price paid at the time!

In conclusion: If you are tired of Rebirth and other artifacts of TB and you can not pay the original (like me!).
Antiques galore if you throw a FB-383 above you!
Your online acids will tell you thank you!