Korg Poly-800
Korg Poly-800

Poly-800, Analog Synth from Korg.

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All user reviews for the Korg Poly-800

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abyssum's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Poly-800







Raimus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Poly-800
a small cheap keyboard 80, as there can!!
all is said in other reviews


The editing is not easy, but with a bit of repetition is remembered easily manipes the most common. Once the operating range it becomes quite simple but still long if you want to be precise.
The problem with this system is that the issue can not act on the fluid. for example there are 99 possible values ​​for the cutoff, and when we act we live above means notches value and not a fluid motion. I do not know if I'm clear, a brief rise cutoff can sometimes be ugly because of it.


80 to be cheap
opportunity to make pretty cheesy organ, but looked too low it will be the crazy complicated ...
Chorus and pretty without it all be a little bland in this keyboard


what I like most is the side 80, the least that is the issue ...
I love joystick also very fun

patrice_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" analog low-end"

Korg Poly-800
The korg poly 800 possde synthse a basic with some originality:
- Voice polyphony 4-2-oscillator or an oscillator 8 votes
- Square oscillator with 4 octaves diffrent stackable on each oscillator (16 '- 8' - 4 '- 2')
-3 Envelopes 5 segments: 1 volume + 1 for each oscillator freq filter cutoff
- 1 LFO osc applicable basic and / or filter
- Gnrateur white noise
- Stereo chorus
- A small one track squenceur simplissime

The big default:
- Big Problem: a single filter, so the notes successively supported when playing an agreement by the single pass filter and therefore the only filter envelope (fortunately possibility of redclanchement each press of the shell successive key)
- No chorus rglage (on / off)
- Bad keyboard without VLOC qualitbr /> - MIDI simplified: no Sysex for changing sounds (have to use interface synthou save the sample set (obligation to use the interface "cassette"!)
- No portamento
- Volume knob acts as ON / OFF
- Mandatory use of an external power supply or batteries (!)


Economic interface trs, (6 digit LED + 1 + pav numrique few buttons), but well thought ergonomics trs trs.
It's surprising, but finally, the Syth is programmed fairly easily.
I had other synth in the same era, which taient much less convenient for the ACCS and changing paramtres (though the people had an LCD alpha numriques)
Notice complte with translation and Retailer dbile -> better to read in English


Of course, the original programs are far from being ralistes (!)
I no longer use this synth but I think it may have analogical CRER few nice, with a certain identity (due to the oscillators).
Avoid any mode 8 votes, as the voice mode 4 can detune the second oscillator. With the chorus in addition it makes a certain warmth.
For my part, I used it well for bass, or some synthetic cloths (not have to look to a web of violins!)


Overall, looking at the technical choices, we understand that this synth a silent low end of the era.
Presented in the present context, it is a real identity with analoqique own sound, so I think usable.
I do not use more because the type of sound no longer reflects my current style.

linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Poly-800
See specifications


Editing is pretty clumsy, but extremely simple to practice to understand.
MIDI is nickel.
Small phrase sequencer which is very nice to start riffs or bass.


SOUNDS: ben it rocks. is that the plastic but it kills. This synth has a hell of potato.
typed for 80's or low tech is not bad. Not have to look Moog bass, of course, it has nothing to do. But sounds to JM Jarre ... it can be done.
Of course, the sounds are not realistic ... it's a small synth, not a workstation.
The reverb is a bit soft and not very usable.

For the low MR Oizo or lashes, it will nickel. Look no sound of a bass.

Bécanne I love this!


I've been around long enough, I had an EX8000 before ... and I really enjoy.
I have had with her suitcase "retro" version and a half reverse keyboard ... a single copy!

The sound is genial ... it replaced the bass hit my rack station ... it is certainly less easy to edit but the sound is much more personal.

Groove machine12/01/2002

Groove machine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Poly-800
Polyphonic synth October 4 to 8 channels 2 osc / track, memories, MIDI, Seq, chorus




Analog honest, suitable for soft sounds


A MIDI controller to 1000F, with some analog troubleshoot sound good!