Korg Lambda ES50
Korg Lambda ES50

Lambda ES50, Analog Synth from Korg.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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obr___'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good tablecloths, well-designed, but not very versatile"

Korg Lambda ES50
Where most information on the user doc:

This string is a machine / electronic piano 4 octaves 78 years
the feature of this keyboard is to integrate three oscillators polyphonic octave dividers, making Wholesale we have a normal full polyphony (I have not checked!) with each note 3 oscillators that are de- synchronized
4 percussion sounds: electric piano, piano, and harmonic clavi (kind of bell very acute, not bad for adding a clear attack sound) (all these sounds using the oscillator 1)
4 sound layers: brass (osc1 and 2), organ, string1, string2 (casi-equivalent to string1 but an octave higher) and chorus (osc1, 2 and 3)

effect: a chorus for percussive instruments, and for groundwater. The frequency of chorus is adjustable via the knob (front -> accelerates frequency modulation)
wheel also pitch + / - 1 ton

1 perceived output, 1 output layers, mix 1 audio output (perceived tablecloths +) it should be noted here that the perceived fate on one channel and the water on the other, but the chorus of each are on the opposite channel so if you do that puts the water, the sound coming from one side, but if the chorus of the water is added, the chorus will be output to the opposite, which is quite nice to be honest!

1 sustain pedal input, and one for a volume pedal with which the module is the perceived or the groundwater or 2.

1 output trig I do not always track the interest ... (Say that it lacks some of mono .. but why did you put on this poly??)


super easy to use, of course

in fact it enough to watch the machine to know how to use


Then it's to everyone's taste, of course. And having a SK20 that I prefer, which is in the same range toy, I am perhaps a little harsh on the Lambda.

For pad sounds:
I greatly appreciate the chorus, full of medium, and the strings are quite nice, although they are quite detailed problem any synth octave division: the octaves are too tight and too perfectly synchronized!
I've always had a little trouble with the brass generally those still sound good. You can change the cutoff frequency of the VCF which is reserved for the sound.
But I found the organ pretty useless (this is compared to the oops SK20 where the organ is "configurable to hammond")
So the specificity of this keyboard is that it has 3 oscillators détunables or by default, 3 LFO modules each oscillator at different frequencies (activated only for chorus and strings), to which we can add the chorus (the effect, not the sound). So if you want some big slicks, there is something. Also in comparison to SK20, I would say it has a very neutral sound low but a magic button that is the "whole" and that is as effective as any work of Lambda ...

For sounds perceived:
I will be extremely violent, wicked, without this part sounds bontempi! Fortunately there is a built-in chorus, tremolo which can adjust the frequency, you can change the decay time, also add more sustain, and then we can make good music even with bontempi!
Obviously what is nice is that you can mix the percussion with layers and it can be very complete and with a stereo chorus effect that adds ... finally here, all in one box that is nice. Small note at this level (and this is not a big deal) is that activating a percussive sound, oscillator 1 is reserved for percussion and is no longer used for pad sounds.


I use it for a little less than a year. I bought it, impressed by the philosophy of 3 + 1 synth chorus. I have not got the hang of lightning lighting, sound is too restrictive and typed in my opinion ... and finally .. ahh you like it anyway! So I use it very often!

This is more than a machine string is well designed, it's very 70's, so the layers are also: 70's (yes, the Tangering Dream).
I'm not sure of the choice again, but I'm not closer to the sale ...
douglas bravo06/01/2013

douglas bravo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Lambda ES50
Synth Preset - 78


everything is very simple. Presets and filter + pitch of two oscillators


This synth has a single interest: The strings.
but they are amazing!


say a synth than 20 kg, not noon, no editing capabilities, on paper it is a priori not terrible.
except that there are strings. They are simply unique.