Moog Music The Source
Moog Music The Source

The Source, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

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minimumvital 11/26/2010

Moog Music The Source : minimumvital's user review

«  Beautiful, but ... »

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monophonic lead


simple fact parameters editable and programmable via the rotary volume pot, very nice beefy


moog sound "white" (as Rick Wakeman at the antics if you know what I mean) by using lead


I've owned and sold a few years of lost battles for cheap (when I see the coast today hallucinating!)

Why do you say? Just because this superb synth has a huge flaw: it is completely unreliable!

The mine began rapidly to fail and désacorder all 4 mornings and I'm ruined for repair (which send and return with more Bordeaux / Paris, hello the pill!).

Too bad because it rings beautifully ... but think carefully before you buy where you step, especially with the price I see here ...