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  • Roland JUNO-106

    Roland JUNO-106 - "Classic 80s polysynth"


    Just a classic polysynth that does what it says on the box. Beautifully easy synthesize makes it a great device for anyone, though it's more than capable of satisfying the pro. Great sounds all around, particularly bass and pads, and of course there'…

  • Roland JUNO-1

    Roland JUNO-1 - "Nice Compact Synth For Live Gigs"


    This was my very first synthesizer. I still use the Alpha Juno on many of my recordings today PROS: One-touch editing for Tone Modify (Mod Rate - Mod Depth - Brilliance - Envelope Time) Hooverlicious sounds! Excellent support site with info and…

  • Roland Jupiter-8

    Roland Jupiter-8 - "Best analogue poly-synth ever?"


    The JP8 is one piece of gear I will never part with. Its sound is huge (or thin if desired), warm and very useful for any kind of music. As a composer of film music and new age, I really like the slowly drifting string sounds with a litte filter grow…

  • Roland SH-101

    Roland SH-101 - "Mythical. for good reasons"


    I think everybody knows the features...and if you don't they are easy to find. The features might seem limited, and yet it's incredible what you can do with it. UTILIZATION Is it easy to make settings? The basis of subtractive synthesis. Is t…

  • Roland SH-101

    Roland SH-101 - farkey's review


    Smooth and precise keyboard, 2 octaves shifter. arpeggiator and built-in sequencer, cv & gate outputs, it allows you to control a modular synth effectively. UTILIZATION Easy and clear editing SOUNDS I totally agree with the previous review. Esp…

  • Roland SYSTEM 100

    Roland SYSTEM 100 - "perfect vintage gear"


    This is a classic analog synth from I think the 70’s. I sounds amazing and looks great. I haven't seen a piece of vintage analog keyboard great look this cool. Using it will make time go by really fast because it does take some effort and patience to…

  • Roland SH-101

    Roland SH-101 - "Would be great for some drum and bass music"


    The Roland SH 101 is a analog monophonic synthesizer that can be purchased online for just under 1000 usd, now I feel that price is a little to expensive. Yes it is a great piece of vintage gear, but anytime you purchase vintage gear you are taking a…

  • Roland JUNO-106

    Roland JUNO-106 - ericthegreat's review


    This is another one of those boards that comes industry ready right out of the box. It’s extremely easy to get it set up and ready to start making great music. The editing abilities on this board are easy to do and the workstation is easy to navigate…

  • Roland JUNO-6

    Roland JUNO-6 - "A keyboard for beginners .."


    The Roland JUNO-6 comes at a very reasonable price, stock with sounds that you will love. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with midi. Midi is almost a must for anyone doing music, unless your just a keyboard player with no interest in connecting to othe…

  • Roland JUNO-2

    Roland JUNO-2 - "Pretty sweet rave-y synth"


    This is a vintage synthesizer from the 80s. Though it is an analog synth, it has some digital controls, which made it a unique hybrid of the technologies. There are 64 presets as well as 64 user memory patches, meaning there is a lot of room to custo…