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Roland Synthesizers/Racks/Modules user reviews

  • Roland JP-08

    Roland JP-08 - "Very small – but very mighty, too!"


    So this is a miniature analog-modelling synth rendering Toland’s high-end synth from the early 80s (1981 precisely), the Jupiter 8. It seems sturdy and is quite heavy considering its size, which is quite telling as to its building quality. After a…

  • Roland JD-Xi

    Roland JD-Xi - "This tiny synth could have been a giant – alas..."


    I’ve tried the JD-Xi at length for almost a month, but I haven’t kept it in the end. It’s a nice small synth with many an asset but also too many flaws (some related to its youth maybe?) led me to return it. It’s a real pity as this small machine …

  • Roland VP-03

    Roland VP-03 - "A vintage-spirited vocoder" has images


    I’ve invested in a VP-03 to get credible vintage string machine and vocoder sounds, and the VP-03 perfectly fulfills my expectations. As with all Boutique series products, manufactoring quality is very good. The lower shell is made of plactic, an…

  • Roland SE-02

    Roland SE-02 - "MINIMINIMINIMOOG" has images


    ROLAND’s SE-02 is a mono analog synth resulting from the collaboration between ROLAND and STUDIO ELECTRONICS. It is a kind of SE-01 (a rack inspired by Studio Electronics’s Minimoog) in Roland’s “boutique” format. The size was much debated: it …

  • Roland D-05

    Roland D-05 - "The D-50 was my all time favorite keyboard, the D-05 reminds me why"


    I've never thought much about the boutique series, especially since they're only 4 voice, although I'd consider one of the Juno models. Anyway, when I saw the re-issue of the D-50 I was very excited. I was stuck using samples in a NI player app. M…

  • Roland D-05

    Roland D-05 - "Probably the best in the series"


    Hi, I’m not a big fan of Roland’s Boutique series. I’ve owned the Juno, the Jupiter and the TR-09, and I’ve long hesitated before getting this D-05 in loving memory of my good ol’ D-550 ;-) Well, I ‘ain’t been disappointed! It’s really lovel…

  • Roland SYSTEM-8

    Roland SYSTEM-8 - "Roland's big sound in a 4-in-1 synth"


    As a happy System 8 owner (I bought it soon after its release), here’s a first review after a few months using it. First, some specs : - 4-octave keyboard with normal-sized keys and a very good feeling. After owning several other Roland keyboards…

  • Roland TB-03

    Roland TB-03 - "Roland TB-3 vs TB-03 - Friend or Foe?"


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT8iuIZb8lo Is the new Roland TB-03 from their Boutique range any different from the TB-3 from their AIRA range? Watch the video to see. An in-depth look at the Roland Boutique TB-03 compared side-by-side to the …

  • Roland TB-03

    Roland TB-03 - "Finally, a renewal"


    For which kind of music and specific applications or uses (studio, shows...) have you chosen this synth? No introduction needed for Roland's TB synths, I use it for experimental, techno and other electronic stuff. Does it seem sturdy and well-f…

  • Roland JU-06

    Roland JU-06 - "Get the Juno-106 vintage spirit"


    The JU-06 is an expander-format synth that adapts to a dedicated mini-keyboard. It is well-designed and built, with a metal-made upper casing and faders well into their rail that respond very well to being moved – very smooth and agreeable. The…