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Roland Analog Modeling Synths user reviews

  • Roland SYSTEM-8

    Roland SYSTEM-8 - "Roland's big sound in a 4-in-1 synth"


    As a happy System 8 owner (I bought it soon after its release), here’s a first review after a few months using it. First, some specs : - 4-octave keyboard with normal-sized keys and a very good feeling. After owning several other Roland keyboards…

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - "It sounds all right, but offers limited possibilities"


    It's more of a sampler than a real synth: No preset can be edited: You have to do with the sounds conceived by Roland, with the only possibility to play with the filter and the effects. No tuning, no decay(!), and I won't mention other well-known mod…

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - "It's not a clone, it's déjà vu"


    Features: See other reviews Effects are associated to the type of sound, the pot is very sensitive, it starts distorting pretty fast beyond 40% PC editing: Let's hope a hacker brings out something better in the coming months. Octave choice: Don't …

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - "This is going to be big"


    Desktop Expander sequencer Digital emulation of the Roland Tb-303 Very compact, about the size of an A4 sheet Comprehensive audio connections, plus MIDI in and out, USB The latter allows you to establish a MIDI connection, to power the TB-303 and…

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - "TB or not TB"


    See Roland's website. UTILIZATION It is much more user-friendly than the venerable product we all know. Programming, pattern editing, midi. Single-touch touchscreen, not bad. It's a preset box and I second the previous review. I would prefer by …

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - "Awesome, for improvisation"


    See manufacturer UTILIZATION Great product, as long as you accept its improvisational and old-school side. You can't save a single sound!!! You can't associate a sequence to a sound, you can make your own pattern (thank goodness), but the sound …

  • Roland GAIA SH-01

    Roland GAIA SH-01 - "warm and fat"


    The Roland Gaia SH-01 gives you a really good sound and at a great price. You can do some really neat things with the effects on the Gaia SH-01 because it allows you to stack them up. Some of the effects on the Gaia SH-01 are bit crash, phaser, pitch…

  • Roland GAIA SH-01

    Roland GAIA SH-01 - "easy to use and cheap"


    After using the GAIA SH 01 I was really shocked on the sounds that it has and the ability to change those sounds and make them your own. I really felt like I had full and total control over what came out of the GAIA SH 01. The best thing about the GA…

  • Roland GAIA SH-01

    Roland GAIA SH-01 - "Infinite sounds"


    Huge sound with 3 virtual analog engines onboard, each with a dedicated oscillator, filter, amplifier, envelope, and LF0 Layer up to 5 simultaneous effects, including distortion, flanger, delay, reverb, low boost, and more 64-voice poly…

  • Roland SH-201

    Roland SH-201 - "Great Synth"


    This roland SH-201 is a 49 key synthesiser with 2 oscilaters. It has 8 waveforms to choose from on each oscilator (osc) It has everything that an analogue synth would need in my opinion. The D beam is a really cool feature and you can set different …