Electro-Phoenix 08/01/2013

Roland SH-201 : Electro-Phoenix's user review

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4 octave synthesizer.
2 generators forms and a number of filters and effects to a greater possibility of creating sound.

fader pots, sustain, modulation. Everything is included for controlled sounds from A to Z.
a connector jack L / R RCA input in to a USB connector thrue for communication and editing audio from the PC, as well as MIDI (in / out) interface


configuration is super simplified the creation of his from left (form generator) to right (LFO, effects) and this simple and logical ways. some is the sound you want, just choose the desired wave form, set some input and output effect and we find ourselves immediately with an audible artillery power.
(Attention immediately forget the "realistic" sound types: piano, brass, violins, this synth is resolutely turned towards electro)


sounds are truly oriented electro sound with massive bass and treble as well as aggressive and soft spacial sound. it is clearly not "realistic" sounds, the SH201 has not been created for it.

I love the sound evoking the Middle Ages or the east, I like much less against certain types white noise effect that is almost unmanageable.

expression as a whole is good, the Arpegiator and friendly, with the ability to create its own arpeggio through the PC. The SH201 is reactive and aftertouch is correct.


I use it for four years and I is not got the Yamaha MM6 earlier (which is classified as a synthesizer but approximates advantage of micro-workstation)

I love being able to create amazing sounds simple way from a simple sine waves. I adore the massive sound that develops.

I do not like the fact that we can not synchronized with the clock of a synth another brand (ie MM6).

for my use, this is a dream instrument. After you have enjoyed the raw electro sounds (see some brutal near an ultra-saturated electric guitar)

with experience, I orienterais to his little brother GAIA SH01, which looks to me certe smaller but more powerful and still easy to use.