Yvan_fr 07/10/2006

Roland SH-201 : Yvan_fr's user review


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For more information about CHARACTERISTICS, see the manufacturer's website.
For the price, I find trs good, even when lacking a bit of memory for programs (32 preset and 32 users, a fair bit).
Remains the finish that seems to me even when some lgre: when I price the box under his arm, and I have a moment of fear: Does it really the 'indoor!


I do possde that for a week and I must say it is very simple to use.
I meet with him the feeling of my first analog synths and the pleasure of programming sounds.
I confess that dpart, I was nervous about the lack of display but in the end you get used to rev faster and at least we did not look that suspicious continuously to the display.
The principle one button, one function (or so), it really is up!
on the other hand, if you want a little more Settings, for effects and the arpeggiator, the editor is very well supplied Designed.
I is not tried yet in VST mode via USB.


Purely analog.
The factory sounds are as usual with all manufacturers: there are the beautiful, and other means to forget quickly but hey, it works for a synthtiseur and no one prfabriqus the box. To us to dive into programming.
Oh course, it does not sound as well That a Virus TI, Nord G2X and other machines at a price that leaves me rveur but did not blush.
We can quickly get the sound you're looking, without making head with menus and submenus ............ a knob is turned, it presses on a button and the his turns IMMEDIATE.


A week with me and dj that happiness.
The report is simply smashing qualitprix and if I had the choice again, I would take 2.
I put 9 because of his lack of memory for scne in particular.