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ec_denis 11/13/2003

Roland JP-8000 : ec_denis's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The Jp8000 is one of the first synths have renewed the Systm "button / function" as the analog of the 70.
It is a compact instrument with a keyboard with four octaves VLOC (no aftertouch as bizare as it may seem ...). The keyboard is well made and can serve as a master keyboard aisment, if we exclude the four octaves instead of 5.
Found at controlling the pitch and modulation wheel classic, but whose function can be modulated affects a destination LFO 2: Amp, Pitch and Filter.
there is also a ribbon prsence expression sensitive pressure and which can be assigned two parameters simultaneously.
In front are the two rear output jack 6.35, headphone jack, the jack and sustain experssion (!?): and two MIDI in and out.
the poliphonie is eight votes (not frowned upon his generation!)


The entire synthesis is trs agrble see and use. no complicated menus under each button or potensiometre function. We can not be simpler!
menus for configuration are utiliss noon synchronization options or choice of LFOs effects.
There is an option that allows turning a button to know what value is this value without changing ... Interresting for backups papers ... Similarly it is possible to increase or decrease the value of a parameter of a grace the menu.
The manual is very clear (for once at Roland ...) even with a small résumé of "synthesis for dummies" ...
The animal is bitimbral, avc possibility of dual or split. It is of course possible to assign a DIFFERENT number of votes each party (as did eight in the end ...).
Jp the 8000 has a memory of 64 patches (his way) preset and 64 user patches and 64 performances (one or two split sounds, single or dual) preset and user.


Obviously, this instrument is Designed to make sounds analog subtractive synthesis of style ... So exit the double basses, pianos and other sounds ralistes ...
It dbrouille perfect for tablecloths (especially thanks supersaw wave of the oscillator that can dtuner with a potentiometer), organs, aggressive leads (waveform oscillator feedback reminiscent of the sounds or distos obtained with a ring modulator). The bass is a little behind because essentially "sub". But by stacking two sounds totally found his happiness.
the effects are pretty Russian and are adjustable via potentiometers live.
Sounds pretty cool (just in the mood Equinox JMJ) and fit well in a mix (the diffrence of a D50 for example).


It is an instrument that I possde 4 years, and I'm not pert of me Sparer ...
I had the opportunity to test a juno 106, a 303 mc, and a DX7 and I electribe A RSDLP a D50, an XP10, a Korg ms2000r, a kawai Jv880 and K5, and none of these instruments does not satisfy me as much as Jp8000 (XP10 can be the all ...)... Original sounds, easy to mixn shuffled in a easy to use, great potential for use scne ...
The price quality ratio is excellent, but beware, this is not an instrument for beginners ... it is better possder other instruments (gnrateur battery etc. ..) to take full advantage pouvoiren ...