Korg MS2000R

Korg MS2000R

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MS2000R, Analog Modeling Synth Rack/Sound Module from Korg in the MS series.

8 user reviews

Korg MS2000R tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Korg
  • Model: MS2000R
  • Series: MS
  • Category: Analog Modeling Synth Racks/Sound Modules
  • Added in our database on: 08/21/2008

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Korg MS2000R Korg MS2000R $325 »
Korg MS2000R Korg MS2000R $325 »

Korg MS2000R user reviews

Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 6 reviews75 %
 1 user review13 %
 1 user review13 %
Value For Money :

Lau.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I subscribe!"

Korg MS2000R
sounds are not editable (not kidding: this is the point of such a synth of course!)

What styles for industrial, experimental, ambient, dance, hip hop, everything that is electronic, trance it must do so

4 voice polyphony ... I often switcher to monaural, there is already a lot to do so (depending on the style)

Connections. 2 main outputs use stereo or 2 mono out for 2 stamps independently
2 inputs used in different ways (vocoder, external audio source to feed the oscillator 1 ...)

midi in / out / thrught


yes it is simple as clear but not simplistic, tremendous potential of creativity, ...
without any front I would not and would continue to use the P8 waves in vst or otherwise.


it's been said a thousand times and I see the same thing, this synth sounds very digital and easily tends to a saturation not happier, the resonant filter is quite bizarre and whistles very quickly is not good but you can learn so much from this synth! even this horrible resonant filter can be interesting in some applications ... fiddling good synth can get much less digital sound also very good and on the bass and what pleases our ears (there is a low eq / parametric hi for each timbre, not negligible)

The sounds fine for me, I'm glad tj whenever I turn


I use it for 3 months,

what I love most: bcq; bcq things facade, the virtual patch is great, the motion sequencer 3 steps of 16 is not great, editing sounds not present on the knobs is easy enough in the menus and quickly accessible as two stamps 2 oscillators each almost completely independent (except for the time I finally saw already all that has to do with)
The vocoder, just flew but I like to bottom (this is my first vocoder, except vocoder troubleshooting KP3, no comparison of the coup!) time has a "hold" function vocoder mode, attention to mental health!

what I like least: load time processor (about half a second) during a program change and engaging the arpeggiator, it is blop.
you can not use a vocoder + synté, must choose ... or go see RADIAS for that ...

I have other small synths, one that is closest to a free VST plug that I loved (wave P8000 I think).
I have an alpha juno 1, it has a warm analog sound, but much more limited in terms of creating sound research, the two complement each other well even though I probably have not turned on again until I explore the MS2000 also a ROMpler emu command station, it's still a rompleur to which I would turn to more realistic sounds. I emx as it serves only two rajouer three notes here and there mainteant.

The big downside of this synth for me, if you accept its sound engine is really the latency change of prog / arp

fredziak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A limited instrument, but a good instrument"

Korg MS2000R
The MS2000r is a virtual analog synthesizer. This is the version without keyboard Korg MS2000 which it shares most of the features. Through this instrument, Korg wanted to revive the spirit of old machinery 3 mythical MS20 synthesizer, sequencer step SQ10 and VC10 vocoder. The MS2000 together in fact these three features.
Without going into all the details, the MS2000 offers a classic subtractive synthesis with 2 oscillators per voice, a choice of 4 filters (low pass 24dB or 12 dB, bandpass and highpass), 2 envelopes (1 for VCA , 1 for filter), 2 LFO and a section called "Virtual Patch" offering various opportunities for modulation. Interesting idea: one of ocscillateurs comes with a collection of waveforms from Korg DW8000 and more traditional forms as well as the possibility of including an external signal. Are added some effects (delay, chorus, distortion) and an arpeggiator. The step sequencer can be programmed changes in three parameters choice of 16 no. Finally, the notorious limitations: only 4-voice polyphony, a bi-timbral rather small and not adjustable distortion (ON / OFF).


Most parameters are directly accessible via MS2000 buttons and knobs, which gives immediately a great usability and leads to the creation (even if the controls are a bit small). I regret the absence of general wheel in addition to + and - buttons to scroll through the programs or settings annexes.
The sequencer is very interesting to bring to life the sounds and is easy to use (although turning a knob is not the easiest way to place a note). For its part, the mode vocoder does what is expected of him. In short, to use, it is a machine straightforward as it is in fact much.


Some criticize the MS2000 to have her too thin. I think it is precisely his interest with a similar positioning to the family of Roland JX8P (certainly less alive) versus "analog heavy." The waveforms DW8000 expand the palette much of this instrument. In addition, the sequencer, arpeggiator, and modulation matrix combination can carve new sound changes (the "Evolver").
All this makes the MS2000 synthesizer fairly faithful to its standard analog with openings towards more sophisticated world. Of course, you will not leave nor a Moog bass sounds or rich copper and an Oberheim. It does not stop to defend themselves in these areas, although it stands out above all for what I call "triturages in finesse."
To accompany these words, here is a small demo sounds of the machine, based on preset programs as well as my own:


I have a particular attraction for the MS2000, for both its ergonomics and sound. Claim that revived the old Korg would be wrong but these machines were a great source of inspiration for this new user-friendly instrument with a "personality" sound assertive. This is also so successful that Korg decline then this result, one side with the MicroKorg and the other with the Radias. Nevertheless, its limitations are frustrating but consoles himself by saying that a good instrument limited is better than bad!

soundvoyager's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" can do better!"

Korg MS2000R
type of keyboard synth, rack
a lot of factory presets.
blah blah blah

full documentation is on the net ;) - sorry to be quick on this point ..


the config is pretty nice, which makes it quite versatile, I think this is one of the highlights of the beast.
the manual is clear, simple, I always found complete information, especially regarding the MIDI assignments.
The sound editing is very intuitive, which allows time for creativity and that's great!


good, bah this is the biggest weakness: the sound!

for what I do (techno) it does not fit, the sound is definitely "cheap" because no heat / and depth.
Even in the ass by sticking a distortion, a compressor or other artificial DEVELOPERS "son" does not want!
this means that after 15 days if you do it alone synth, you'll be unhappy. If you want to produce music seriously, I do not recommend this machine as a "lead machine", it will make you waste your time.

On the other hand the ms2000r we offer a wide bank of presets, but it's really incidental to the bottom because the "sound" is not at the rendezvous.

Personally, I use it to troubleshoot that 2 or 3 or bleep do a melody of the poly 800 (and again ... without the crunchy side of the poly 800 ...). otherwise use it as a vocoder, nothing to say over there (note that I am not a "pro" the vocoder) but the MS2000 used to accompany your other machines, without making, alas, bonus at the sound, grain ..

At best it plays low fat well, but lackluster ..... even the integrated effect of distortion reacts badly, it's makeup more than anything else.


this is about 5 years I have, and meanwhile I gained a PROPHET 08 dave smith instruments ... there's no photo, hence my remark about the lack of warmth / depth ... but hey, the prophet is 4 times more expensive also .. In fact, thanks to the MS2000, I changed my way of buying, now I'd rather save time + to buy mid-range and high end, rather than having machines like the MS2000 .. it is a choice ..

value for money a little too high for the sound it out, I expected better ... ultimately what saves this machine are:
- The delay effect
- The vocoder that I enjoyed
- Arpeggiator mode + step sequencer .. it is the insured trip :)
- Intuitiveness and ergonomics of the machine.
- The strength of the knobs

with experience, I do not know if I will ever be the choice, he just helped out .. I finally told myself that it is expensive for the utility, this machine is only a beginning grabs. Anyway to get your feet wet as a first machine and for the price why not, but do not produce music in a serious way and pro with this machine ... or in combination with a "real" synthesizer, the MS2000 as an accompaniment is in his element. (fx, atmospheres ufo.)

to finish, and I weigh my words, a good synth VST plugin is just as well .. if it's true frankly.

Chris.angel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg MS2000R
The MS2K is a true synthesis using analog technology modlisation to produce sounds like the old machines - you guessed it-analog. Thus, it is fitted to most CRER Controller for sounds from two oscillators.

The first of these oscillators possde 4 waveforms primary wave QLQ dozens more complex gnrateur a noise and an audio input. The second offers three types of simple waves (square, triangle and sawtooth, of memory). There are, ts an LPF and HPF 12 and 24 dB, 2 LFOs, one arpgiateur, a sequencer gnial ... It possde, moreover, a powerful feature of vocoder (16 bands).

The polyphony is 4 notes (!) And is 2 multitimbral voices (for a patch). It can store up to 128 patches.


Prcis as it is a real synth! Although it comes with 128 patches INTERESTED, the purpose of this machine is CRER new sounds.

Science n'tant rarely infuses must - to do well - have some basis in sound synthse to effectively use this BCAN. Moreover, the manual does not dwell at all on these issues (but is this the rle of a user manual? - And countless resources on the subject are available on Internet). on the other hand, once the machine well in hand, the sound Fast Fashion is really comfortable and powerful thanks the range of available Controller, and its possibilities are "kolossal".

The majority of the Controller can be controlled by MIDI and inversment, their variations can be registered on sequencer.


As is often the case, the factory patches sound 'trs big', but are not always usable in compositions without being touch (dgrossis) QLQ little.

Of Manir gnrale, the sound is warm, filters and effects are effective and vocoder, although rgl retains the clarity of sound 'songs'. The 'Virtual Patch' ability to increase the CONTRL espce sounds and sequences to evolve in some trs Manir original sounds in time.

Given the lack of polyphony, this machine is not adapted to the ground. on the other hand, lead sounds, basses and effects satisfy a demanding public.


Okay, four-voice polyphony is not much. But 'should not choose the MS2K if it's not enough!
Then the MS2K is a real synth not a sound module. Even if it comes with 128 patches is above all examples or bases for new sounds.
Finally, it is technology numrique. Purists argue that probably was not the heat of a MS-20 or any other Prophet. But it's more reliable, more portable and with capacity synthses sound like.

In short, the whole world of modlisation analog, the complex has no MS2K have (I forget the polyphony). Its sound is rich, its countless possibilities and use simple trs. And, not to gcher, its price is honorable. I recommend it.

Korg MS2000R news

The Mystery Islands MS2KxR in beta 1.0.0

The Mystery Islands MS2KxR in beta 1.0.0

Published on 07/21/15
Mystery Islands announces the availability of the public beta 1.0.0 of their MS2KxR editor/librarian plug-in for the MS2000 Korg synths.

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