Roland TB-3
Roland TB-3

TB-3, Analog Modeling Synth from Roland in the AIRA series.


Roland TB-3 : Anonymous 's user review

« It's not a clone, it's déjà vu »

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Features: See other reviews
Effects are associated to the type of sound, the pot is very sensitive, it starts distorting pretty fast beyond 40%
PC editing: Let's hope a hacker brings out something better in the coming months.
Octave choice: Don't use it together with the keyboard, it's easy to get mixed up.
Strange x/y key, which isn't very useful in general.
The Random function is good, it's a nice idea


The manual is an easy read.
Editing an envelope involves 4 aspects, a wheel would've been better
The sounds are inspired on the MC09
The usability of the xoxbox
And the spirit of the monotribe.

Roland engineers had to come up with something to compete with the TT303 and the volcabass


Acid sound, yes
Good metallic sound on the C and D effects
Possibility to go up to 32 steps
The step-by-step editing is really messed up, you can easily exit it by barely touching other buttons.
Transposing is easy, but a bit light for my taste.
The Scatter function is the unit's main asset.
The display is pretty disappointing: It's 2014 and it's not much to ask to be able to have 5 digits to name the tracks, is it?
The Value knob is not well thought-out, it turns endlessly but once you arrive to the last soundbank, you have to go back manually, since it doesn't loop automatically!


After many hours, I still prefer my xoxbox and mc09
I will certainly use it, but I'm disappointed by its lack of originality.
It would've been useful to have an adjustable distortion, a delay and a low-frequency boost.
For $300 it's a pretty basic unit.
It sounds less metallic than the retro revolution,
The B sounds on the tb 3 are for goa or trance,
Live, it's nice to switch quickly from 8 to 32 steps, to improvise live, but it's not very user-friendly.