Roland D-05
Roland D-05

D-05, Digital Synth Rack/Sound Module from Roland in the Boutique series.

timeofsilence 11/25/2017

Roland D-05 : timeofsilence's user review

« The D-50 was my all time favorite keyboard, the D-05 reminds me why »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I've never thought much about the boutique series, especially since they're only 4 voice, although I'd consider one of the Juno models. Anyway, when I saw the re-issue of the D-50 I was very excited. I was stuck using samples in a NI player app. My D-05 arrived while I was away on an event. So I had to run to walmart to find a mini USB adapter to connect it to my computer. I didn't care for the 1/8" output and I get a ground loop hum when I connect the analog output to my mixer. The sounds are amazing. There are several banks of the original patches and some that I had never heard before. It would be nice to have a programing app to really dive into creating new patches. For anyone that liked the D-50, D-550 back from the day, this is well worth the investment.