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Roland Digital Synths user reviews

  • Roland U-20

    Roland U-20 - "A Great Controller Keyboard/Synth"


    Some very realistic Piano sounds with the default Patches. Can also create some great Sound FX. Wide selection of accessory PCM Cards to add new sounds PROS: Excellent PCM samples. Nothing beats the SN-U110-12 Saxophone & Trombone PCM Card. http:/...

  • Roland JV-90

    Roland JV-90 - "JV90 build and sound"


    Build Keyboard has good feel and is quiet. The body is lightweight and slim. Knobs and switches are safely indented in the face. Screen is bright clear and simple. Sounds Piano The piano has always been robust and cutting. Organ I've never...

  • Roland Jupiter-80

    Roland Jupiter-80 - "High-powered = 10 JD800 piled up!"


    USE To be honest, there's no need for a manual. It's rather easy to use. Sound editing is pretty traditional. You can start either with a modeled waveform (sine, saw, square, SH, and super saw) or with sampled waveforms from classic and renowned ...

  • Roland Jupiter-80

    Roland Jupiter-80 - "Simply the best!"


    USE a) It's really hefty! It's's a Roland! b) Manual? What manual? It's so intuitive and user-friendly that I haven't even bothered to open it...Once you've understood how the banks are organized (which takes you five minutes), you...

  • Roland JUNO-D

    Roland JUNO-D - "Do you know the Juno-D?"


    Looking for a last-minute ticket to spend a few days across seas, my eye felt on flyer of some musicstore in Amsterdam. They sold the Roland for € 300,- as a bargan sale. Knowing I could keep the keyboard/synth for years, still enjoying the sounds of...

  • Roland Jupiter-80

    Roland Jupiter-80 - "Not bad at all"


    Sound editing is super intuitive, it's truly powerful and fun. Korg ought to take note of the vst drivers, they are stable and effective. USE Hyper-simple configuration. I had it all under control within 30 minutes. SOUND The sounds ar...

  • Roland D-10

    Roland D-10 - "alot of work to get good sounds"


    The Roland D-10 is a synth that you can purchase in the keyboard form or in the rack module form. Either way you will get a great set of sounds to use, but if you purchase the rack module you will run into some editing options that are just too diffi...

  • Roland XP-80

    Roland XP-80 - "Vintage anyone?"


    The Roland XP-80 was one of the main keyboards that Roland produced when it came out. It has 3 effect processors with over 40 different effects. Most of the main effects that liked were distortion, reverb, and ring modulation. You can use this keyboa...

  • Roland VP-550

    Roland VP-550 - "It would be nice with more effects"


    The Roland VP 550 is a Vocal and Ensemble Keyboard that can be considered a “vintage” synth. The layout of this board is very user friendly. The interface is simple to use and understand, you can almost understand the whole board just by looking at t...

  • Roland AX-Synth

    Roland AX-Synth - "Made of plastic"


    The Ax synth by Roland is a true plug and play keyboard synth that is ready to go right out of the box. It has some really good features to use for fun and for live performances. You can connect it to your PC via USB connection. It can run off of bat...