Roland JV-880
Bobcat22 05/10/2020

Roland JV-880 : Bobcat22's user review

« This rack module has quite a bang in sound quality with an external sound editor »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
The product is used for studio use. I have the studio setup for DAW and non DAW. I was impressed with several Youtube presentations of the JV-880 that I purchased 2 units. The JV-880 has: MIDI/in/out and thru. I've added some internal extension cards and retrofitted the screen with a newer technology screen which is white (letters) over blue - extremely easy to read in brightly lite or in low light environments. The screen worked out so well, I order and second one for the other unit.

Background on the synths I desire: Roland JD-990, Access Virus (model C and the T-series), Blofeld and the Novation Peak. This will help to quality what my expectations are when acquiring a music instrument and while reviewing the Roland JV-880. Superb sound quality and a free editor ( The creator, Leandro Cleto has done a superb job with many options to adjust. (download:

Having the Roland JD: 990, the Famtom X and the Korg M-3, I see the JV up with these other synths on sound quality.

Pros: Many pros - especially when you think of when it was released.
Cons: No cons, I am with gratitude for this module.