RSF Kobol
RSF Kobol

Kobol, Analog Synth from RSF.

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skelo 04/08/2005

RSF Kobol : skelo's user review


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* Synthtiseur monophonic analog cr in 1978
the ERRF Fernandez, Toulouse is what is the Minimoog
I'm from Toulouse and I had this keyboard not my uncle 15 years old and since I spare more! c as a drug that you burn your fingers! I respect bcp this keyboard is a wonderful heirloom!

* The version Kobol keyboard is actually what will become of Runion
the module module EXPANDER 1 + Programmer brand RSF. All in one
Casing in Sipo massive trs beautiful design: the most beautiful effect
and whose profile recalls lvolution dune type envelope
ADSR! The Casing Has RALIS by luthier
Toulouse LAG.

Less modular than the version on Kobol Expander possde
nanmoins more opportunities for collection outdoor CONTRL
functions as the Minimoog: AMP OUT, LINE OUT, Control VCO, VCF Control
KBD OUT IN GATE, GATE OUT, IN EXT, EXT Clock, all at the front there
including the power cord.

The keyboard version Kobol are quite rare. Only 200 of 2 products
version keyboard accordion.



The config is relatively simple although it must be good inside to get out of something good and powerful.
The edition sounds? I spend the journalists!
The manual is a simple photocopy of a dozen pages bound with a plastic nationals! c really old school!


Warm, full and powerful but also allowing for clear sound
and subtle. Coupled envelope its a super fast
rgal true for low as well as for leads. Halfway
between the Mini and lOdyssey, a synth with personality,
a grain's him.

In addition donde forms of Kobol are variable and may gradually
lautre moon! And although the cest of a particular
of Kobol.

Another tip, the possibility of playing each of the memory
conscutivement with sounds DIFFERENT

Other signature sound of Kobol: the possibility of
modulated by a square wave envelope.

As for the Minimoog, the sound can vary dun Kobol


It really is standard!