RSF PolyKobol
RSF PolyKobol

PolyKobol, Analog Synth from RSF.

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PolyKobol 08/21/2006

RSF PolyKobol : PolyKobol's user review


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Polykobol II
- Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer 1983
- 5 octave keyboard with 61 keys
- Velocity, Aftertouch, Arpeggiator Split keyboard and 61-note max
- 4.6 or 8 voice polyphony available (depending on model)
- 32 memories
- Polysequenceur of 10,000 marks (8 sequences)
- 2 VCO
- 2 ADSR
- 1 LFO
- A 24 dB Low Pass VCF
- 1 VCA with stereo output
- 1 Noise Generator (LFO)
- A ring modulator (S & H)
- Glide
- A wheel height and a modulation
- A cassette interface (for backup or other program's)
- An autotune
- Transposition of a button
- Unison mode, and a memorandum of understanding

Rear connections:
- VCA pedal input, 2 for control VCF input and output clock for the sequencer or arpeggiator, Low & High output for sound.


The edition of the machine and very simple. Only the range of modulations requires reflection (many routing). It is also possible to work in polyphonic or monophonic modulation (sound delirious!)
The ergonomics and superb, this is not very difficult to lose.


RSF is the sound, analog, warm and beautiful.
There must have been, normally, the Velocity and Aftertouch on the machine! bin and it never worked (at least on mine nada !!!).


Objective is the machine! Despite all these very big problem, I likes a lot. Well, aftertouch and velocity does not work, the polysequenceur also kidding (I rarely see him walk)! . At the time Serge Fernandez had said that to solve this problem ... and non-ben!
Another problem is the fragility of these cards (the hell). If you find one, I advise you to never moved. I used a lot for a complex sound. His little brother Kobol (keyboard) also a great place in my studio.
There are two machines-the world that are truly excellent: the Polykobol and Memorymoog (meeting of two machines that only have galleys)