Teisco 60F
Teisco 60F

60F, Analog Synth from Teisco.

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FredRx.Daniel 12/22/2013

Teisco 60F : FredRx.Daniel's user review

«  very limited »

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Monaural with a single VCO 2 waveforms and a noise generator (noise).
VCF side, I find it "gross" and "aggressive".
One envelope ADSR VCF and VCA applicable.
LFO 2 is very basic waveforms (triangular and square) via its modular rotary knob
Obviously we are in the analog, no effect, no midi either (CV / GATE).
This little keyboard has an audio input. Thereby treated any source audio "poor" filter.
Oh I forgot: no presets and even less memory. The only sound that you have available is that which is programmed into the panel front.


As all of this epic keyboard: button = function
And functions, there is none of the masses and they are limited while editing a sound is very easy.
Pitch (only applied to the VCO) is also very limited ...
No need for manual you will understand it very quickly around its use.


Obviously, do not expect super sound. The 60F is very limited in its range of sounds ...
It is "out" for bass, leads, sweeps the mess ... However, for sounds treble / medium sequences, he defends well.
Personally, I use it sounds like "Arlette"


A very limited synth which we quickly made the turn.
It was loaned to me by a long-term friend ;-)

I put a note in terms of what it was built (I do not have the answer to this question elsewhere ...) because you need to know what you want and are looking for. It is obvious that I would -0 - No if I wanted good bass analog or mess. But that is not the purpose of this synth.

With other analog, it has its place in my set as extra synth and that's all.