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  • Apple iBook Author

    Apple iBook Author - " Free and totally revolutionary"


    Trouble-free installation No configuration problem on my system It is possible to run iBooks Author on Snow Leopard with a little manipulation. No incompatibilities found Manual clear and not sufficient for the moment we can not find a vid…

  • Apple IBOOK G4 1GHZ

    Apple IBOOK G4 1GHZ - " Avoid"


    How long you use it? For 6 years now. Did you tried many other models before buying it? I was more PCs at the time (and still am now ...). I had tried many of laptop by friends and family. What is so special that you love the most, least? …

  • Apple Ibook G3 600

    Apple Ibook G3 600 - Remyxc's review


    Trs good tool, complete and effective. I use it for years. Ergonomics, weight, robustness and performance, perfect! ... At that price it's the IDAL. …

  • Apple IBOOK G4 1GHZ

    Apple IBOOK G4 1GHZ - Nico53's review


    For 7 months. MAC bah ... it works well, no crashes, pleasant to use, a very good logithque to make his or zic and pretty with a for me it is a G4 1GHz with 640MB RAM, 80GB HDD, Combo DVD CD / RW drive, screen 14 ", airport, MAC OSX 10.3.9 ... a …

  • Apple iBook II

    Apple iBook II - Nico53's review


    Config: PPC G4 1GHz, 640MB RAM, 80GB HDD, DVD / CDRW, MACOSX 10.3.9. Screen 14 ". I use it for more than 5 months. Before, I had a laptop (P4 2.8GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD, ...). bought used 850 euros (cétait a deal, "at the time", the IT m…

  • Apple I.BOOK G.4 1.2 GHz

    Apple I.BOOK G.4 1.2 GHz - greg512's review


    -1 Year -Most 2 cm thick 2.2 kg! the screen format to the performance turned up to 6 web applications and simple plug and play needs nothing everything is the have to add more RAM to buy apple is still a bit stingy in this regard "I especially …

  • Apple iBook G3 900 12,1'

    Apple iBook G3 900 12,1' - dav_boisv's review


    Say anything just perfect ... …

  • Apple iBook G4 - 1,42 MHz - 14" - Superdrive

    Apple iBook G4 - 1,42 MHz - 14" - Superdrive - jamusique's review


    Here two months I use this laptop. I hsit long before you buy. I wanted a powerbook because everyone has one (I know it dbile, the effects of mode), but my wallet which I sliced ​​and n'avaisplus time. from around the pc (I'm always for that matter…

  • Apple iBook G4 1,33 Ghz

    Apple iBook G4 1,33 Ghz - le_kornichon's review


    My iBook is a 12 "- G4 1.25 GHz, but I can not post an opinion on it (if one goes through the speaking ...). In addition, it is not one in the photo, which is a PowerBook 15 "Alu. It cost me 1100 euros, but it now costs less than 1000 euros new. …

  • Apple iBook G4 1,2G/14"/256/60/CB

    Apple iBook G4 1,2G/14"/256/60/CB - ziarn's review


    I had my little iBook to nol (thank you my dear wife). I have not had the opportunity to test a USB or FW audio interface, but knowing the phones and office machines PC and Mac, I can say that within an hour of use can be aware of the quality the bte…