Apple user reviews

  • Apple Logic Pro X

    Apple Logic Pro X - "Logic Pro X Review by C-Los"


    Everyone says that Pro Tools is the industry standard. But for me as a primarily hip-hop producer, Logic is the logical solution. With this DAW you will be able to record, mix, master, create using MIDI, or even edit and sync video to music. You have…

  • Apple iPad Air

    Apple iPad Air - niconel's review


    IPad Air 32 Gb, A7 processor, OS7,wifi. 10h battery life Lightning connection. The retina display is what seduced me straight away. It is extremely light. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE It's a very pleasant tablet because it has no bugs and it's prett…

  • Apple Logic Pro X

    Apple Logic Pro X - ""Logic Pro X, an end to Logic ?""


    Logic Pro X as the Apple website clearly states "The most advanced version of Logic ever" (which I completely do not agree with and we will come to that shortly) is the latest digital audio workstation in the Logic family, for songwriters and enginee…

  • Apple Logic Pro X

    Apple Logic Pro X - "Great DAW"


    - Were there any compatibility issues? Not at all, it worked straight away with any audio interface I've ever plugged into the mac. Logic Pro X doesn't like the 32bits plugins anymore, though, so if you have many of them it might not be your best ch…

  • Apple Logic Pro X

    Apple Logic Pro X - "Great!"


    Hassle-free download from the apple store Hyper-intuitive, as usual, very easy for those coming from logic pro 9 SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE IMac 27 10.9 8Gb ram It works perfectly OVERALL OPINION I've used it 15 days I upgraded from logic pro 9 …

  • Apple Logic Pro X

    Apple Logic Pro X - "Is it worth it for sound to picture?"


    Did you have any issues during the installation? - As usual with Apple, there's no need to be a genius to install a software. The additional instruments are requested directly after you launch it for the first time and afterwards you can start using…

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Most Underrated DAW"


    If you're a Mac user this is a free DAW that will come pre installed on your machine. It's very easy to use and has good instruction and how to tutorials built into it. If you have problems there are always youtube videos out there that you can us…

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Well balanced and efficient recording software for the novice to intermediate"


    GarageBand is an excellent place to start for the aspiring engineer. If it came with your brand new Mac then you are ready to roll as soon as you turn your machine on! The help files/manual are easily accessible within the program and sufficiently co…

  • Apple Wireless Keyboard

    Apple Wireless Keyboard - "convenient"


    The Apple Wireless Keyboard is very thin and sleek. I have been using it for a while now with my iPad because it has made type so much easier than using the touch screen keyboard, especially when it comes to typing something long like an email or a p…

  • Apple MacBook Pro 13" i5

    Apple MacBook Pro 13" i5 - "SuperFast"


    The Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch has 2.5GHz with a i5 processor and 500GB of hard drive space. This laptop is really fast, it even gives you 3 USB ports and a thunderbolt port. You can purchase this same computers specs in a different screen size. It a…