Apple user reviews

  • Apple PowerMac G5

    Apple PowerMac G5 - "does everything fast, very powerful mac"


    The Power Mac by Apple is a top of the line desktop computer system. The thing about this system that makes it so great is that it is so fast its ridiculous. I haven't ever experience power like this in a desktop computer. Of course Apple created it …

  • Apple iPod shuffle 2GB

    Apple iPod shuffle 2GB - "So portable, so simple!"


    The Apple iPod Shuffle, 2gb version (second generation), is one of the simplest, smallest, and easiest to use music players out there. For a device with no display, is it very easy to use and figure out. It has a master pause/play button, volume up, …

  • Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation

    Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation - "Don't consider it a nano!"


    The new Apple iPod Nano (6th generation) looks and functions quite differently than the previous iPod Nano's, and many people were upset by it. Notably, it is much smaller, and the features have been scaled back (it cannot play video, for example). B…

  • Apple Logic Studio 9

    Apple Logic Studio 9 - "Does it all"


    Apple Logic Studio 9 is a great DAW and sequencing software that is for MAC only. I do wish that it was available for windows computers though so I could have it on my laptop and take it with me more places. Logic Studio 9 is a software that I have b…

  • Apple PowerBook G4 1 Ghz 17'

    Apple PowerBook G4 1 Ghz 17' - "one of the best systems I have had"


    I had the Mac G4 about 3 years ago before I decided to sell it and get a windows computer. I kinda wish that I didn’t sell it but cant do anything about it now. But while I was using it I can say it’s a really great quality computer. Its very fast an…

  • Apple iPad 2

    Apple iPad 2 - "overpriced"


    The Apple Ipad 2 is a lot of fun to have. I must admit I spend a lot of time on it downloading apps and playing games. But that’s just it, its all fun. I really wouldn’t be able to do too many emails or writing on it, because it’s a touch screen and …

  • Apple Logic Express 7

    Apple Logic Express 7 - "Upgrade"


    Apple Logic Express 7 is a program that you can do almost everything in. I don’t think you can still purchase it though because they have upgraded versions now. Logic Express 7 is not really the full version of Logic also known as the pro versions of…

  • Apple Logic Pro 9

    Apple Logic Pro 9 - "Excellent"


    Apple Logic Pro 9 is a very good sequencing program, you can pretty much do your whole song in Logic 9 from the musical creation process to the recording process. You will be very pleased with how much Logic Pro 9 can help you. Even if you have used …

  • Apple Mainstage

    Apple Mainstage - "Woefully over looked..."


    SImple enough to set up. Obviously depending on whether you want to use this with keys or guitar you will need a midi and/or audio interface. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE OSX only, do I need to say more. I expect Apple products to have rock solid driver…

  • Apple Logic Pro 9

    Apple Logic Pro 9 - "New owner, same sequencer..."


    Seeing that Logic is MAC only it's pretty much a no brainer on OSX. The manual is ok at best, however there are numerous on-line resources to help with those short comings. Install from the DVDs will take a while for all the extra loop and instrumen…