Apple user reviews

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Why would a beginner buy Logic before he tries GarageBand!?"


    GarageBand was designed for the Mac OS, by the developer who made the Mac OS, so Apple's beautiful software homogeneity makes GarageBand painfully easy to start up. I don't own a Mac myself, but I've done my share of being around my friends when they…

  • Apple iPad

    Apple iPad - "Tablets are back"


    When I was a little kid I remember when Apple came out with the Newton. It was not very well received and died off pretty quickly. When the Ipad was announced many people thought it would be another Newton. There had been tablets on the market alread…

  • Apple GarageBand Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra

    Apple GarageBand Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra - "Decent symphony jampack"


    The Apple GarageBand Jam Pack Symphony Orchestra is yet another Jam Pack that Apple has released to help extend the usage of GarageBand, their beginner DAW. The Symphony Orchestra contains various different loops of all kinds of different instrume…

  • Apple GarageBand Jam Pack: World Music

    Apple GarageBand Jam Pack: World Music - "Interesting jampack"


    Apple has various Jam Packs available for GarageBand that's meant to help extend the overall functionality of the program. This Jam Pack contains what they call World Music. These are basically just various loops they have of all kinds of different…

  • Apple Logic Pro 8

    Apple Logic Pro 8 - "One of the best DAWs out there"


    Logic has been one of the main competitors to Pro Tools for quite awhile. Ever since around Logic 7, they've really started giving Pro Tools a run for its money. With Logic Pro 8, you get rock solid performance and ease of use that other DAWs don't…

  • Apple Soundtrack Pro 2

    Apple Soundtrack Pro 2 - "Great addition to FCP"


    You'll have to bear with me a bit as I only really used this for some amateur and experimental use. I've never used this for anything professional. Soundtrack Pro is a an application that's meant to go hand-in-hand with Final Cut Pro. This allows …

  • Apple WaveBurner

    Apple WaveBurner - "Easy CD utility for your mixes"


    Waveburner is a utility that comes with Logic Studio. Its main purpose is to easily create professional CDs complete with all the necessary meta data and ISRC codes. Once you open it up, the first thing you always want to make sure you do is set up…

  • Apple iPod Touch 32 Go

    Apple iPod Touch 32 Go - "Top of the line Ipod touch"


    The Ipod touch is one of the best music players you can get now adays. The 32gb version is the largest one you can get. Some casual music fans might not need 32 GB but back in the day 32GB was a normal size for music players. Apple has kind of herded…

  • Apple OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    Apple OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - "Small update to Leopard"


    The OS itself is extremely stable. In fact, this OS is more stable than the previous 10.5 in regards to Wi-Fi. Where was 10.5 always had issue with dropping the Wi-Fi connection every time the wind blew, 10.6 seems to be rock solid. I've used this…

  • Apple iPod Touch 32 Go

    Apple iPod Touch 32 Go - "iPhone without the phone functions"


    The Apple iPod Touch is a phone-less version of the famous iPhone. It features most of the features the iPhone has, but the lack of a phone chip gives it extra room to throw in some more storage space. This is a device for those who already have a …