Apple user reviews

  • Apple iPod mini

    Apple iPod mini - "Average mp3 player"


    The Apple iPod Mini was a miniature version of the famous iPod that Apple released from 2004 to 2005. The device contained a standard scroll wheel found on the older iPods, had a monochrome screen and was available in either 4 GB or 6 GB versions. …

  • Apple iPad

    Apple iPad - "The touch pad that started it all"


    The Apple iPad is Apple’s first jump into the tablet world, and they took an interesting twist on it. Instead of having a laptop that doubles as a touch screen tablet, they ditched the keyboard all together in favor of a lightweight touch screen wit…

  • Apple Logic Studio 9

    Apple Logic Studio 9 - "Easily rivals Pro Tools"


    Logic Studio 9 is Apple’s latest version of their famous Logic DAW. The package includes Logic Pro 9, MainStage 2, Soundtrack Pro 3, tons of plug-ins and various production utilities to help you further polish your sound. This version combines the …

  • Apple Mac Mini

    Apple Mac Mini - "Small package but big performance"


    The Mac mini is the most affordable Mac that Apple has in their lineup. It’s meant for people who don’t need the power of the Mac Pro and don’t need the accessories the iMac comes with. The current iMac has a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor stan…

  • Apple Magic Mouse

    Apple Magic Mouse - moosers's review


    Apple's Magic Mouse is the latest and greatest in their line of impressive mice to go along their computers. I don't own the Magic Mouse (I've still got a Mighty Mouse), but I've been using it a bunch at a producer's home studio where I work. The M…

  • Apple iPad 2

    Apple iPad 2 - "Pretty pointless But cool"


    The apple iPad 2 is a very nice piece of apple technology. I personally do not see the point in the iPad other than playing the ipod touch games on a bigger screen. It is kind of like a macbook pro cross with an ipod touch, I am impressed with the p…

  • Apple iMac 27"

    Apple iMac 27" - "Great but not the biggest fan of macs"


    With this imac 27 inch computer you get a brilliant display of high definition lcd. It is a great computer as well, it performs really well with a lot of different programs up, we like to use skype and watch youtube and all that stuff and we have no …

  • Apple Magic Mouse

    Apple Magic Mouse - "Not very nice like most apple gear"


    The apple magic mouse is a wireless mouse with a nice sleek design that is very tempting and makes you want to buy it straight away. I must say though that having got one with my imac it is pretty lame. The mouse is very slow moving which aggravates…

  • Apple EVP88

    Apple EVP88 - moosers's review


    The Apple EVP88 is an electric piano virtual instrument that comes as part of Apple's Logic Pro and Logic Studio. It's one of the main instruments included in the software and can only be used within Logic as far as I know. However, it is it's own …

  • Apple Slim Keyboard

    Apple Slim Keyboard - moosers's review


    The Apple Slim Keyboard is one of the newest computer keyboards that Apple has to offer, save for the wireless version of this slim keyboard. I don't believe that 'Slim Keyboard' is the proper name given to this keyboard, but Apple doesn't really di…