Apple MacBook Pro 13" i5
Apple MacBook Pro 13" i5

MacBook Pro 13" i5, Apple Laptop from Apple in the MacBook Pro series.

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sw80 10/09/2012

Apple MacBook Pro 13" i5 : sw80's user review

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The Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch has 2.5GHz with a i5 processor and 500GB of hard drive space. This laptop is really fast, it even gives you 3 USB ports and a thunderbolt port. You can purchase this same computers specs in a different screen size. It also comes in the 15 inch too. You will notice immediately when using this Macbook that your performance on the computer will be really fast. Open multiple windows that all of something going on with music, videos, or different types of programs and they can all play at the same time without glitching or anything getting slow. It truly is one of the most powerful systems that I have ever owned. If you want to use the MacBook Pro 13inch 2.5GHz to make your portable studio with you couldn’t have chose a better laptop. You can run Logic, Pro Tools or any other program you want and run all of the plug ins for those programs and never have to worry about your system getting slow. Logic and Pro Tools does not come with the laptop though, it will have Garage Band pre installed on your system which is not a bad music creation software for it to be free.

The maximum resolution on this MacBook is 1280 by 800, it runs OS 10.7 64 bit with an Intel HD Graphics 4000. One of the issues that I was concerned with about this laptop that is true with Windows PC’s is the battery life, not the battery life short term, but long time like years down the road. Will the battery need to be replaced after 5 or so years? Only time can tell because I have only had this system a short while.

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 is perfect your all of your audio and video creation needs. You really cant ask for much more out of a laptop. It is more expensive then most Windows laptops that’s because it is an Apple. But Apple’s products are always better made and will run smoother. I would make this same choice a thousand times again if I needed to.