Apple Logic Studio 9
Apple Logic Studio 9

Logic Studio 9, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

AlanForPresident 09/09/2012

Apple Logic Studio 9 : AlanForPresident's user review

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Apple Logic Studio 9 was my main program that I would use a year ago. It was my go to program because of the VST’s that come with it. I think Logic has some of the best “built in” VST’s out of any program that has come out so far. Everything with Logic 9 is easy to use if you are already familiar with it, if you are new to Logic then you will have some issues and you will need to take a long look at the manual. The manual is in depth and has all of the info that you need to troubleshoot or just learn how to navigate your way through the menu’s in Logic 9. When you purchase Logic 9 you will get a few disk , the bonuses are Soundtrack Pro 3, Studio Effects, MainStage 2 and a few others that I cant remember off the top of my head. Apple also has a website where you can watch tutorials on how to work with Logic just in case reading the manual Pdf isn’t your thing.
I have been using Logic since 7 came out years ago and I continue to use it now on my Macbook Air. I never really finish a full song in Logic though because I like to work in Pro Tools as well. Some people say they would rather use Logic than Pro Tools but to me they both go hand and hand if you know how to use them correctly. Logic 9 was a great improvement from Logic 8. Apple continues to keep adding new features to Logic that keeps me on my toes. If you have a newer Mac computer, I highly suggest investing in Logic! It will be one of the best investments you have made in your music career because it is probably the best music creating software from composing to recording all in one that is out now. It is a must have.