Apple Mac Pro 8-Core 2.26
Apple Mac Pro 8-Core 2.26

Mac Pro 8-Core 2.26, Apple Desktop from Apple in the Mac Pro series.

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stompboxjon 08/27/2012

Apple Mac Pro 8-Core 2.26 : stompboxjon's user review

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The Mac Pro from Apple can come in a few different versions including the Quad Core , Eight Core and Even the 12 Core. We do have the 8 Core in a Local Studio called Rileys that is not too far from my house. This Mac is amazing and it is so powerful , we have a whole pro tools rig and system running through it and every plug in and effects racks you can imagine are all on this machine. I wish I could afford to pay the 4 grand to have this at my house but I cant afford that. There really wouldn’t be a need to have something this powerful with 8 or more Cores for your home studio unless you have a serious pro tools set up. It is just too much power to have at home.

I have not seen a single problem with any software being configured or used on the 8 core Mac Pro. Also the unit is built very tough like a lot of Mac units are and always have been. This whole computer is just so fast it is amazing. Usually when you are opening pro tools sessions it can take some time depending on how many and which plug ins you have into that particular song . But loading them up on the 8 Core Mac Pro is so much faster than I have seen it on any other system that I have used.. The quality of the Mac pro 8 Core is outstanding and is second to none. I have not had my hands on a better Mac desktop yet, even though Apple says there are better systems, but I just don’t know why you would need to pay more . With this system you can run all of your stuff at the same time without a single glitch. There are no freezes on this machine.