Apple MacBook Air
Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Air, Apple Laptop from Apple in the MacBook series.

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rombautsdidier 09/13/2012

Apple MacBook Air : rombautsdidier's user review

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I use it for 1 week.
I've had other laptops apple but it exceeds all others.

The positives:

Speed ​​applications and use the output of the previous day.
Movements at the trackpad to scroll through web pages (as well as in other applications) as well as others that I have not yet fully integrated.
Speed ​​of the setup, it is ready in a few minutes.
The battery, theoretical 7am to see over time.
The SD card slot to import my photos from my camera, or use the SD card as temporary storage.

The negatives:

For me, the more negative is the obligation to connect the Macbook Air on the sector to be able to use an external screen closed, while Apple does not recommend the use of extended sector to conserve battery life.
The speed at startup and when it is completely off. It is not as fast as I would have thought. This is a lesser evil because it is usually left on standby all the time. In this case, it's instant.
To take full advantage of the connection to devices such as USB3 or thunderbolt, these devices must be in these standards, it makes sense. But we are a little disappointed on the spot as it is expected to be something super fast and we forget that this is only possible with newer devices. I made big moves and it took a little time, even if it is faster than the MacPro. For example, I ran for timemachine Backuper my internal hard drive on an external hard drive via USB 2 (presumably) and it took 30 to 40 minutes for 50GB.