Apple user reviews

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Billy B�gonia/translated from Audiofanzine FR) It's a pity that the software has to be installed on the system's hard drive. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I'm using an old iBook G3 800MHz with 640 M RAM and an external firewire …

  • Apple MacBook 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1 Go 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

    Apple MacBook 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1 Go 667 MHz DDR2 … - songboy's review


    I have had this laptop for 3 months now. What do I like about it most....? EVERYTHING!! Especially how compatible this thing is. Just about every program you can think of works on Apple computers thanks to the new programs that let you run Windows…

  • Apple Logic Pro 7

    Apple Logic Pro 7 - webstersays's review


    I don't own Logic, but I have used it and recorded at a studio that used it. My friend also has installed it on his Mac, and reported that the installation was very easy. You would assume there aren't any compatibility issues and that installation …

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Apple Garageband"


    This peice of software was given to me as part of an iLife upgrade. It was 59.00 cdn or 49.00 US for the bundle of 5 iApps thrown in. The first thing I noticed abot this software was the lack of tecchnical ability needed to use it. I have some abil…

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Apple GarageBand"


    I got this software for free with my new Mac but you can also buy it in a local store for $49,- where it is a part of the famous Apple iLife suite. The best part of this software is that it allows any new musician to learn to play his instrument in …

  • Apple SoundTrack

    Apple SoundTrack - "Apple Soundtrack"


    I acquired this program from an Apple Store for $299. This program is very easy to use. I did not have nearly any previous expierience with audio production and recording, and this was no challenge. This program comes with over 4,000 loops to crea…

Translated user reviews
  • Apple Logic Pro X

    Apple Logic Pro X - zurf's review


    Already, no problem installation, setup is easy, we download, hop it's done, the instruments provided are convincing and impressive library provided. No incompatibilities especially with virtual instruments I use regularly, except that it took the Up…

  • Apple Bazik

    Apple Bazik - " Bazik unique"


    My opinion is not objective as the creator of the application. on the other hand I can explain how Bazik is unique. This is the software vj / visualization that I know who is as simple and fun to use. Bazik was thought to be operational immediatel…

  • Apple Logic Pro X

    Apple Logic Pro X - " Disappointing possible unreliable."


    Installation via Mac apple store, fast at first, but a terrible slow when there are additional download packs. Even when we finished there yet ... FITNESS / PERFORMANCE 2 Macs, no worries on that side ... EXCEPT qd as we enter the soft one r…

  • Apple Mainstage 3

    Apple Mainstage 3 - " Essential ... but what the fuck."


    Install again ... even if there is an existing 32/64 bit really difficult transition ... with plugins that do not pass, forcing to find alternative sometimes fairly average face an increased need for reliability for uses "live" . Let's say it's a b…