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Apple iTunes

iTunes, Mp3 Player Software from Apple.

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thim 10/26/2003

Apple iTunes : thim's user review


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Nickel Chrome installation without asking unnecessary questions, spyware or other software appendix.

Works well under Windows trs Teletubbies (XP)

iTunes works Manir trs diffrent other readers. It restructures its Manir compltement files by putting all the files in one directory in iTunes which classifies all song Artist in folders (the folders are all alone after the files imports, it uses the tag to store them)

The manual is not too bad

I bump on an Athlon XP 2000 +, 1GRam, 120GB, Ati Radeon 9700Pro and of course ... has not rowing: D

The software will run trs quickly, safely (to do with time), I think Apple will be the height of other good music players. Saul snag for now: no version FR ... was going to come ...

The software has not hitherto plant

I use it for one week only, the beginners j'tais compltement dboussol. This is a phylosophy compltement Different. To use it, we can only use iTunes as a player since trs strangely, when you want to play an audio file, we will first in the program and then you take the song in the library (just the mani re the jukebox Real). We import all the audio files via drag / OPDs in the program that ds this time copy the songs from their original location to make a copy in the iTunes folder-specific software.

What's great is that when you import the files into iTunes, it sorts all alone by using the Tag of the MP3. It distributes the alias files in all smart lists Prior to cres.

Say you have a list "Groove". When you import your files, all who will CATEGORY "groove" in the Tag will be added in the list instantanment "groove". Small precision, all tags must be + or - complete. To do this, iTunes lets you change the tag of multiple files at the same time, trs trs practice. Ds when you have a well organized library trs.

It can also give "paintings" to pieces, put 4 or 5 paintings prfrs your songs and combines them into one list "top rated songs." From this list you can burn a compilation CD. The button "Burn" is great, I look open and close for 20 minutes ... you to immediately find ;-)

Basically it's the ball. But ATTENTION: iTunes messes your original file structure. If you have friends who have a Mac, go home to Quesque precision.

There are also functions for encoding mp4 (if I remember correctly) that I did not even express. Basically, the file 1 / 3 - large for the same quality. but we'll see if this format will become as great as the standard mp3