Apple iTunes
Apple iTunes

iTunes, Mp3 Player Software from Apple.

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Apple iTunes : Anonymous 's user review


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Delivered in standart with MacOS X, so no problems.
Simple configuration and ffective, manual non ncessaire of any fawn y'en not have to go to for help.

Apple iMac G4 17 "Superdrive, 256 MB ram, 80GB HDD while traveling, plug it left.
iTunes works perfectly on this config (still happy).
Exptionnelles performance, fast encoding, burning poustouflante speed.

- Use of one year and then every day. For me this player is irreplaceable.
- I like everything in the jukebox (which is much more than that)
Basically it reads. Wav. Aiff. Mp3 and. M4a (AAC), it can convert any audio file from one format to another as long as it's MANAGED. I think it also reads dsormais. Ogg, but cavrifier. The format of choice is obviously the AAC compression ratio equivalent to mp3, but sound much better.
- The second big advantage of this software is the possibility to burn songs directly from the interface without using another app.
- You can edit the tags of your songs to iTunes organizes its libraries optimally. In class he gnral by artist, then by album (a folder inside the artist's) class.
- It manages galemnt radios, and the iTunes Music Store (available in USA only for now): the first service to sell music online. Note, what to buy default, it can cost the previews.
- For the lucky exchange files between the player and iPod (better walkman was hard for those who are not current, by Apple of course).

With the exprience, I can not find him an alternative except when to read a satan. Wma or the real.

Report quality unbeatable price, c the best and it is free for Mac and PC.