Apple Logic Pro 7
Apple Logic Pro 7

Logic Pro 7, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

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limason 12/17/2004

Apple Logic Pro 7 : limason's user review


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Ss install probs, no incompatibility good config and two books as big as dicos as a guide.


Powerbook 17 "1.5ghz 1gig ram, running a performance level. 15 Genre verb comp 4 15 12 instr eq virt 2delay 1multicomp is a limit and 64 audio tracks on FW 800.
Test with a 24 in Echo Layla PCMCIA, great, no audible latency, trs stable.
Now with a Metric Halo 2882 + dsp, gnial, big sound, great dynamics and the system DSP Mhlaba pure rgal, stability and a running clock of the million is the rock .
By normment against bugs, big (import OMF simply impossible, bug, import XML that does not respect the locations of automation) and small (copy / paste text bugue) that make this program sometimes unusable in professional conditions (temsp / silver).


I use it for one month, I record in the studio, remix, same for the live sound and Fast Fashion / mixer for the video. I use it on my laptop and with my metric and runs well. My laptop also welcome all other apps Apple Pro (FCP LiveType DVD Studio Motion Soundtrack) for 6 months and no complaints from these bugs frankly Gnant ct Logic. I worked for 5 years in Nuendo, the audio engine has nothing to do ...
The Logic is frankly more aggressive and less "deep" in any case the Premire costs.
But in the end I must say that if I lost in comfort MUCH I played a mix of quality, but since that's what counts ....
For the price this software has the advantage of being independent standard, it comes with everything you need with a quality level lgrement infrieure plugs compared to the Waves. With a solution or m + dsp uad1 or PowerCore is a vritable studio or portable. Big level for virt instr. that render invaluable service for those who want to edit the soundtracks, sound effects Fast Fashion, etc ...
I think I referrer this choice but in the meantime an update given the number of bug, I would be less short press.