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  • Get Up to Speed with Apple Loops

    Get Up to Speed with Apple Loops - A video lesson on using Apple Loops in Logic Pro X and GarageBand


    Whether you're a Logic or GarageBand user, you can spice up your recordings with a huge range of instrument loops and sound effects via the Apple Loops that were included with your DAW. Here's a video tutorial to get you going right away.

  • Apple Logic Pro X Review

    Apple Logic Pro X Review - The Case Against X


    The time has finally come for the new Logic Pro version. It was almost four years without a major update, many were doubtful that it might ever see the light of day and even ventured it would disappear. The software has arrived. Should we be happy or not? Here are some answers.

  • Logic 8 Pro: The Test

    Logic 8 Pro: The Test - The All-in-One Logic


    While certain sequencer editors are steadily increasing their prices, Apple has taken the other route and is now offering Logic for under 500€. Would it be wise to spend more?