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Apple Logic user reviews

  • Apple Logic Pro 7

    Apple Logic Pro 7 - stephyprod's review


    Very angry Problem recently, the Service Logic Audio, which actually included APPLE LOGIC AUDIO This great software, which could not be better dveloppe, DCID to transfer the sav FRANCE. APPLE FRANCE thank you a lot of pro bump with this softwar…

  • Apple Logic Pro 7

    Apple Logic Pro 7 - clyde's review


    Between thirty virtual instrumentals (one Drumbox squenceur with built-synth + a physical modlisation: sculpture), the 70 Plug'ins of incredible quality (including space designer: a r verb + EVOC20 convolution: a genus Sherman Filterbank filter), the…

  • Apple Logic Pro 7

    Apple Logic Pro 7 - limason's review


    Ss install probs, no incompatibility good config and two books as big as dicos as a guide. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Powerbook 17 "1.5ghz 1gig ram, running a performance level. 15 Genre verb comp 4 15 12 instr eq virt 2delay 1multicomp is a limit a…