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  • Apple Mac Mini

    Apple Mac Mini - "Small package but big performance"


    The Mac mini is the most affordable Mac that Apple has in their lineup. It’s meant for people who don’t need the power of the Mac Pro and don’t need the accessories the iMac comes with. The current iMac has a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor stan…

  • Apple Mac mini late-2012 core i7 2,3 Ghz

    Apple Mac mini late-2012 core i7 2,3 Ghz - " The foundations of my computer music configuration"


    How long have you use it? - 1 day with ProTools 11, Sibelius First, Eastwest Complete Composer Collection, EZDrummer Toontrack, IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 and soon Apollo Twin Duo. What is the particular feature you like best and least? Goodie…

  • Apple Mac Mini 2010 2,4 GHz Core2Duo

    Apple Mac Mini 2010 2,4 GHz Core2Duo - " Super machine, quiet and powerful"


    I used it in office but also in show control as Q-Lab. I separated against the heart to acquire the material, but I'm about to buy a new one next year. The pros: very compact, quiet, powerful, pretty, 19 mounting kits "available. The -: no! …

  • Apple Mac Mini 2011

    Apple Mac Mini 2011 - " We can not do better"


    1 month! The MacBookPro 15 'iMac 21.5' and 27 '! As it has all the other connections it has a speaker and is running in all directions the HP can not be found! The least drive away! and take 2 GB of RAM I would not suggest 4GB is the minimum…

  • Apple Mac Mini 2011

    Apple Mac Mini 2011 - yayox's review


    How long have you use it? In recent days ... Have you tried many other models before buying it? Yes a white macbook but was not at all at the same potato processor, the I5 is really nice and it turns the fire of God in Live. 30 Tracks with lot…

  • Apple Mac Mini

    Apple Mac Mini - ClockworkOi!'s review


    I use a mac mini about 6 months since my purchase was motivated by professional reasons. This is my first mac, and I was pretty happy to finally have the opportunity to discover "this universe". The seller seemed to me that I was a good buy. The…

  • Apple Mac Mini

    Apple Mac Mini - Evilmarmotte's review


    I have owned this Mac Mini (2.26 Ghz with 2GB of ram) for a few months, thinking to use it for computer music after some troubles with Windows Vista, I have composed a few songs actually enjoying an undeniable stability OSX. Another strong point i…

  • Apple Mac Mini

    Apple Mac Mini - Pucelle_Dabidjan's review


    I beg your pardon administrators already, but during this test, I will walk on the edge of the charter of deontology of the site. But you will understand the purpose of all arriving at the end. I had some pc's! Full of pc's ... I started with Comm…

  • Apple Mac Mini

    Apple Mac Mini - alex83pearl's review


    4 months that I use the beast, 4 months of happiness ... This is the MODEL G4 1.42ghz (not Intel) with 512 DDR / dd 80go/DVD (reader) CDRW A bit lightweight in RAM for Mao, I intend to boost the 1GB (only small black dot: boostage max RAM = 1GB, …

  • Apple MIniMac G4 1,5 ghz

    Apple MIniMac G4 1,5 ghz - ericvda4's review


    In the past 1 year. just before the final product Minimac Intel ... Works great. No worries. the mini mac is networked with two Power Mac and an iBook and it's perfect. Three network printer, DVD burning and DVD DL ... no worries. good pr…