KLA12, Array Speaker Cabinet from QSC in the KLA series.

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stompboxjon's review"QSC delivered with this one"

The QSC KLA 12 cost over 2500 dollars and is worth every single penny of that price! It is a 1,000 watt active speaker with a 1.75 inch high frequency driver and a 12 inch low frequency driver. It has adjustable frequency optimization features and a very good sound. It has a 12 to 1 ratio factor that will allow you to have up to 5 separate units. I have only had the chance to personally work with it 4 times now but each time that I do I love it. I would purchase it myself If I had the need for it.
There is a tilt direct mount on it that makes it easy to get it in the perfect position for any room or set up. With the 500 watt by 500 watt power module, the sound you will hear with this speaker will be big and warm. The highs are clean and the mids sound just like they should. The lows are very clean and full, the frequency range is 44 Hz to 20 kHz. This bi amped speaker is powered and it has 1 XLR input and 1 XLR output.
Moving this speaker from place to place doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult though I have not had to move it myself before though. It only weighs 55 pounds and stands about 15 inches tall, and 23 inches wide. These boxes sound great and if your budget can afford to get them I highly suggest doing so, you will not be disappointed. The space that I heard this speaker in was big enough to seat between 300 and 450 people. The sound was huge and had very good stereo imaging giving a wide and big feel to it. I heard live music coming through this speaker a few times and I can say that anyone could use a speaker like this in their live rig. Question is can they afford it, because quality like this doesn’t come cheap.

BeyondR's review

QSC KLA12 are a genuine power horse speaker that has a 12-inch low frequency transducer coupled with a 1.75-inch compression driver.

What I like most about this product is the fact that it has an incredible power which is 500 W x 500 W power module , a SOLO Rigging System.

I like the fact that this product has a very low end , which consists on the high power, a 12" low frequency driver provides an extension down to 44Hz.

This product has some amazing features , one of them is the 1.75" diaphragm compression driver that creates a clear and powerful high-frequency response and I must mention also the light weight and the good design provided.

This speaker has a wide frequency response which allows to capture all the necessary tones , subtones and overtones that make a huge difference as well when recording or playing as an outcome.

My opinion about the value for the price has two sides, first , it's a very pro product that has a very rich powerful sound that is found in some of the greatest studios in the world , it has a very well made design , it has great stability in terms of resonance , however, the price is very very big , this product costs around 2.600 $ which is not a game , this are some serious money that you can buy a lot of musical hardware.

Precision and quality of the sound is without a doubt extremely good , it has such a vast big freq response , the low side isn't shaky , it doesn't tremble , it sounds indeed pro.

Knowing what I know I would buy this product if I would like to wow the audience , I would buy this product if I would search for something that is a keeper for many years, the only problem would be that this product is quite expensive.