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All user reviews for the RCF HDL 20-A

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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dynaglide's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" surprising!"

I rented for the first time a kit 10Kw HDL20A and sub HDL18AS with a colleague already equipped. Sound a tribute varieties / rock 80s in a beautiful room of Valenciennes, about 900 people entertained.
Used to rent for Q & B, this is frankly exceptional RCF system, unheard of in this price range!
The overall finish is very good, except for some details. Set of 4 heads and 2 subs per side HDL18 ground (but can obviously be hung on a line HDL20 without special options, very good).
Almost lost to manage an amplified, almost plug & play kit! Subs can provide overall filter but I preferred to separately manage Aux. M7CL.
My landlord gave me some tips for editing because I have not had time to see the shape of RCF software designer who seems still a little light.
Smaart already sacred to surprise almost nothing to resize. Listening, I took a slap: Dynamic, high power reserve, very good definition (just below the Q anyway) and a great bass fishing in the spectrum that goes: I found my Q SUBS! . A treat this system. In these times of crisis, to datasheet emergency. Perhaps most surprising is the power reserve, I can not wait to try it out. My landlord has confirmed that RCF has developed a double 18 in this range that sends Damn, he used this summer festivals and in taking full quiche well after 40 meters.
I think Santa Claus will be dealing with the Italians this year!

Prestacor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A test! This is a very good compromise."

I listened to a comprehensive HDL-20 with eight per side and eight sub 4PRO8006 (two under each cluster and four in the center stack) (photo - 05).

The system has the ability to be easily exploitable.
The line array enclosure that is easy to use with several push buttons on the back to choose the configuration of each speaker (photo - 01). It is the same for the fastening system, three point hitch, including the rear with a bracket to choose the curvature of each dish (photo - 02).

The control was placed at 22 meters from the sound system (photo - 03). Listening was done at about 40 meters (photo - 04).

First test with Rebecca Pidgeon: Grand Mother.
The voice is there, the sound is clear and it is strong. I can not find it lacked clarity. In short, it starts well.
For those familiar with such, so the sound was dynamic without real aggressiveness, that for this type of music it is quite far from usual (Hi-Fi and HR).

Second test, Pink Floyd: Money.
The stereo image is there, I'm still 40 meters between the two lines. The sound is powerful and widely followed by the sub even if I find that a lack of serious choulla from the level of heads. It is indeed impressive to have so much juice at that distance, I have my tester spl, we 106 dB in the daytime. Big potato (photo 04).

Last Test, Deadmau5: Where are my keys. (I know AC has nothing to do, but knowing that it will serve as material for the live concert that evening in the mail had to test it, it's not Deplus dégelasse like her ^ ^).
It's big sound, dry in the midrange but no aggression, at least I really like the record (the sound is horrible on eg ST215), a serious enough ample. While the sound is easy to produce (there are not too many harmonic), but it's still impressive, even if these boxes are not where I'll buy, I confess that m ' have still more and I find them cheap (quality / good price).

I also approached the system during the various plays, sound and power is always so clear (I have not tested before the heads, they were high, but I did not see the interest obviously in by I twisted an ear drum ...). In all this it's amazing power because the system is small enough in the end!

Anecdote: When you first listen, there was the HDL-20, the bass was there, certainly there are 16 HP to 25 cm per side, but still (photo - 06), knowing that there had the high-pass enabled on all heads except the bottom two in each cluster.

Finally: We must remember that this system had its power and ease of use (plug & play) will appeal to many people. It is designed for small and medium structure and I think FCR stand there a product that will do a lot of noise because it is affordable!

You should know that a big head costing € 2100 TTC and a sub around € 3500 incl. This means that the price / quality ratio is excellent and I truly believe that FCR will sell like hotcakes these boxes!

rcf-france's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" availability"

The models HD 10-HD 22-A & A are now available