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Avid Pro Tools user reviews

  • Avid Pro Tools First

    Avid Pro Tools First - "Free Pro Tools | First vs Studio One 3 Prime "


    I have been looking at the 'free' versions of leading DAW lately. I owned a PT 11 and have been working in it for my video production requirement though I am only a 'self learned engineer'. However, I could produce outstanding sound track part with t…

  • Avid Pro Tools 12

    Avid Pro Tools 12 - "Pro tools 12 : an outrage"


    Avid resolutely keep with their delirious policy with Pro Tools 12 as a permanent internet connection of the workstation is now mandatory, which is only a thinly disguised way to spy even more on users. As a reminder, this update is out while version…

  • Avid Pro Tools 11

    Avid Pro Tools 11 - "Wicked Fast!"


    I got Pro Tools 11 for free because I bought 10 when I was a student at LA Recording School. This was pretty sweet. I had it installed on my 2012 MacBook Pro with 4GB of Ram, and on the 5400 RPM 500 GB internal hard drive. I had no problems with the …

  • Avid Pro Tools 11

    Avid Pro Tools 11 - "No more bouncing in real time!"


    Thats right, offline bounce lets you turn your track into a mixdown at up to 150X real time! Major selling point for Pro Tools 11 for sure. This is especially appealing to those who do audiobook or podcasting work. Not all is sunshine and rainbows wi…

  • Avid Pro Tools 11

    Avid Pro Tools 11 - "Finally, 64 bits"


    Hassle-free installation on my PC running Win7 64 bits (obviously). The most complicated part is transferring the license to the iLock lol No incompatibilities with my pc nor soundcard (Motu 828mk3 Hybrid). The only 2 plug-ins not recognized are R…

  • Avid Pro Tools 10

    Avid Pro Tools 10 - "Good upgrade, but too expensive for the features you get."


    Simply put, Pro Tools is a must have for any serious music producer or/and audio engineer. It has been the standard software for audio productions around the world for more than a decade now. It's compatible with Windows XP, Mac Os,and many more, so …

  • Avid Pro Tools 11

    Avid Pro Tools 11 - "Mixed feelings for the time being ..."


    The installation is easy, the hardest is managing the iLock account. Being used to Cubase, I was a bit lost at first. The hardest for me was setting up the D/A inputs and outputs of my racks, as well as the buses and sends. I haven't found any inco…

  • Avid Pro Tools 11

    Avid Pro Tools 11 - "Pro tools 11 is amazing"


    Yes, the installation poses no problems. I actually reinstalled everything on my PC to start with a clean system. The setup is easy because I updated from pro tools 10. Right now I have an incompatibility issue with kontakt 5 but I think the latte…

  • Avid Pro Tools 11

    Avid Pro Tools 11 - "Awesome"


    No issues during installation. As for the manual, like with all sequencers, I find it unbearable and incomprehensible! I had to watch a Pro Tools training video to familiarize myself with the Pro Tools-specific shortcuts and functions. SUITABILITY…

  • Avid Pro Tools 11

    Avid Pro Tools 11 - "Little new features, but boy are they good!"


    Mark: 10 No issues whatsoever, I downloaded it from Avid's website and authorized it with the iLok key. Everything worked fine right from the start. Avid has the good idea of including a pro tools version 10 so that you can use your RTAS plug-i…