B.C. Rich
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B.C. Rich user reviews

  • B.C. Rich NJ Beast Bass

    B.C. Rich NJ Beast Bass - "BC Rich NT Beast Bass"


    Excellent Low, especially for metalheads. Its price is good, because in Europe it is 700 EUR without box. Excellent and overwhelming sound.I recommend it!!! BC Rich siempre ha sido infravalorado, pero esto está mal. Son intrumentos extraordinarios y…

  • B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST Bass

    B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST Bass - "I like it but don't "love" it" has images


    Features Neck-through construction Mahogany body Beveled top 2-to-a-Side traditional-style headstock B.C. Rich ® die-cast tuners Mahogany neck 12" neck radius Ebony fretboard Diamond inlays 24 jumbo frets 34" scale Adjustable stop bridge …

  • B.C. Rich Bich Perfect 10

    B.C. Rich Bich Perfect 10 - "A beautiful, versatile guitar with an edgy look."


    I grew up playing B.C. Rich guitars and always wanted a 10-string. I loved the versatility of the guitar; the fact that you could get 12-string sounds, but still play power chords on the two lower strings, or if you want you can just leave the four e…

  • B.C. Rich Bich SE Baritone

    B.C. Rich Bich SE Baritone - "LOWWWW."


    This Bich SE Baritone guitar from BC Rich has a Nato wood body, bolt on maple neck with 30" scale, ebony fretboard with 24 jumbo frets and diamond inlays. It has a BC Rich brand BDSM humbucker, chrome hardware, a tuneamatic Gibson style bridge which …

  • B.C. Rich Stealth Marc Rizzo

    B.C. Rich Stealth Marc Rizzo - "A new 7 string Stealth thats a sig"


    Marc Rizzo is th elead guitarist for Soulfly. He also has a lot of solo work that shows his very diverse skills and mastery of the guitar. He can play just about anything from shred fusion to flamenco on guitar. He has been with BC Rich for a while a…

  • B.C. Rich NJ Classic Mockingbird

    B.C. Rich NJ Classic Mockingbird - "very moody sound"


    I bought the B.C Rich NJ Classic Mockingbird after using a few Les Paul Standard models. I greatly preferred this “60s” neck over the larger “50s” style and new asymmetric style neck that are on other models. The “60s” neck is really pretty thick, b…

  • B.C. Rich Assassin Exotic Classic Deluxe ASM

    B.C. Rich Assassin Exotic Classic Deluxe ASM - "BC Rich Hardtail Superstrat"


    This guitar is part of B.C. Rich's Exotic Classic line. This is a cool series of guitar that use cool woods in their construction. These guitars are a throwback to the 70s B.C. Rich's. This guitar is in their Assassin shape which is their superstrat …

  • B.C. Rich Gunslinger Retro

    B.C. Rich Gunslinger Retro - "Old school shredder"


    The Gunslinger has been a B.C. Rich model forever. The one I tested out is an older model. The newer models seem to have a little cheaper construction. I know they do not come with Dimarzio pickups anymore. This model has a Dimarzio Super Distortion …

  • B.C. Rich Bronze Bich

    B.C. Rich Bronze Bich - "Low end Bich"


    The B.C. Rich Bronze Series has their lowest end guitars. These guitars are meant for beginners so the quality is not very good. This guitar is a 6 string. A lot of Bich's made over the years have been 10 strings with the bottom 4 strings doubled lik…

  • B.C. Rich Stealth Chuck Schuldiner Tribute

    B.C. Rich Stealth Chuck Schuldiner Tribute - "Custom shop Chuck model."


    This guitar is the highest quality Chuck Shuldiner Stealth you can get from B.C. Rich. Chuck Schuldiner is well known in the metal music scene. Chuck is commonly referred to as the godfather of Death metal. Chucks band Death were at the forefront of …