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EMG Bass guitar parts and accessories user reviews


    EMG SEJ - "EMG SEJ Select Jazz Bass Pickups"


    I helped a friend make a killer budget Jazz Bass. He basically ordered an SX brand Jazz Bass from Rondo Music and we changed the hardware, strings and electronics to make a smoking bass. This review I will talk about the EMG Select pickups. I …

  • EMG P

    EMG P - "EMG EMG-P"


    i have a generic P-bass and the stock pickups in it were terribly hollow sounding. i would usually run it through an effects box to mask the hollow sound. as of late, my effects box has lost volume output and and it doesnt have any treble in the mix.…

  • EMG J Set

    EMG J Set - "EMG J-Set pickups"


    i ordered these off of stevesmusiccenter.com since guitar center only had the p-bass pickups for some reason but steves music center was great fast shipping good price. i think it was around 120 for the whole thing. these pickups rule. they sound so…

Translated user reviews
  • EMG PJ Set

    EMG PJ Set - " Its clean and powerful"


    It's been about 15 years they are mounted on my bass that needed it, a Yamaha RBX550M. I did not make a comparative study, I trusted the salesman who knows me and knows my instrument. The sound is very clean, almost too much. My bass after modific…

  • EMG HB

    EMG HB - pulvonium's review


    Unmute equipping my bass Hohner stick. He marched in 9V, but apparently it is possible to push the 18V. It gives a nice sound with good bass round. Given its very special form, I doubt that we can mount it on many instruments. …

  • EMG J Set

    EMG J Set - Bernard l'hermite's review


    I ordered this kit to replace the micro microphones of my age of 79 Jazz Bass Fernandes. It contains two active pickups, electronics dedicated to EMG is passive (vol / vol / tona), cables (note that the new EMG wiring system consists of sheets to be …

  • EMG J Set

    EMG J Set - " Truly exceptional!"


    Although I have this kit installed on my home warwick thumb NT 1988 bought second hand in early July. I was able to compare with my warwick corvette std 5 string it rise in MEC. First I find myself with the active / active (more microphones pré…

  • EMG PJ Set

    EMG PJ Set - jmabate's review


    I installed this kit on an old Charvel style jazz bass the kit comes with the knob, 1 tone and 2 volume, cable and wiring kit all without the need to solder the kit is mounted as a child's play! its levels is another world ... but the old pickups …

  • EMG J Set

    EMG J Set - steako's review


    Mounted from one month on an old Yamaha 5-string passive BBN5 up microphones origin. I hesitated between EMG and a set of Seymour Duncan AJB5s but to get them was the cross and the banner. As there was some good advice on EMG and I'm looking for a …

  • EMG PJ Set

    EMG PJ Set - dzily007's review


    Hi all, I bought this kit (used) 90 eur on this site, for an old quip lag 20 years of age, and surprise! sound has the power pasto 2! impressive sound at a time, clear, powerful and precise, it is true that I did not SSAI other mics, I can not make a…