Line 6 Bass POD XT Live
Line 6 Bass POD XT Live

Bass POD XT Live, Bass Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Live series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 5 reviews )
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 2 reviews40 %
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Chrizzik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I walk over with great pleasure"

Line 6 Bass POD XT Live
Oulala, there are plenty of things:
amp simulators, cabinets, stomp boxes (distos, cuts, autowah, etc..), effects (chorus, phaser, flanger, synths, etc.), reverbs, delays, choice of output system (according to whether it fits one leaves direct console, an amp, with or without tweeter)
All that is editable via PC software or via the pedal, but beware of the lumbago.
Connection honest, but no effects loop, and especially two outputs: one with effect, one without. You can set and send the bass and treble on one another (with crossover), but can not be used with 2 outputs the modulated signal.


The config is simple, the manual is very clear, very elaborate and ergonomics.
Taking automation quickly, and we are not surprised.


I more or less depending on the effects of happiness ...
For me distos remain-eating bass, amplifiers whose gain grows rapidly lose their natural character, and the synths are used sparingly (I say this because with such a serious effect is not always blessed)
Special dedication to the autowah, the analog delay, and phaser.
I always wondered if you could (why not against currency sounding) download bundles effects and improve the software, but I do not think so. The machine is fixed, forever.


Used in rehearsal and concert since purchase, with a hard core sounds irremovable (a clean precise, a autowah an overdrive) and satellite sound I change according to your whim, I walked on with great pleasure, and he always answers: it is solid.
I have not tried many other models, at least not intensely, but I know that the ideal pedal does not exist: I liked the digitech autowah I loved distos boss, etc.
What I like most: ergonomic, solid, informed
What I like least: complicated home studio - he ends up having too many possibilities, and you have to crawl to edit a sound ...
Flo Jobb07/19/2009

Flo Jobb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Bass POD XT Live
What are the effects, types of effects available?
Modeling amps, effects pedals ...

What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)
Digital seems to me you it is because modeling

Are they edited? Via a publisher Mac / PC?
yes, with the Line 6 editor comes with the installation cd

What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)
input and output jacks (1 line output for audio not modeled, and model output for audio through the device), midi in & out / thru, output (or input from the point of view) for expression pedal Additional, and finally mini jack input for external device (ipod, etc. ...)

Is this a rack or rack-mount model?
Not unless you like to go into a rack of pedals.

I put 8, as some extras like an effects loop on what is meant as a "preamp" would have been significant, especially given the effects as we shall see below.


The general configuration is simple?
No worries, do not be afraid to just look a bit on the machine.

Editing sounds and effects is easy?
All parameters are generally very simple to change, the difficulty lies in the fact that y 'is not bad if you start to chew thoroughly!

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Yes, the only downside being that it is in English ... Not very convenient for everyone. However, it is available on the Net in French.


The effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?
I will not enter into the debate or not realistic, since few people had in his life I think the opportunity to test half of amp models combined with half the models of speakers residing within the device, so I will speak here only of what we're really interested, namely the sound.

I was going to say anything on the verge of selling it, having been over a year now, and starting to get tired of the coldness of digital, especially when you see the difference when you plug the bass directly the input of an amp.
And what has changed my vision recently, buying a new amp: rebelhead 450 of the tc electronics.
I had gone on the idea of ​​"having the amp that I bought, I will still not go over a pod!".
I still tried anyway and what a slap! The "Tubetone" the head amp (tube emulation) adds a presence and warmth to the monstrous sound from the pod (which I think must be the same for a real head lamps, test), without being too color as seen for the sound of this amp quite modern.

The search for the sound you want is so long and tedious, given the endless possibilities. Not that it's difficult to get a good sound, but I happen to find one better each day I spend working on it. And this thanks to the different colors made by the amps and speakers, but also thanks to the semi parametric eq 6 bands, and ultra efficient and indispensable in my opinion any good bass sound, as well as the possibility of placing a compressor before modeling, and after another as effects pedal.

on the other hand, regarding the effects, I'm not a fan of distos that are too garish and remove considerably low (like most of these effects, including the wha wha, damage to a simulator dedicated to low) except the bronze master that I find just monstrous, and the distortion between the synth type sound.
So I use my own effects, namely a wha wha boss PW10, which she keeps low.

In summary, as explained in the manual, it is not this device will sound a combo or a low at 200 euros or as a material crazy. But if only one branch on the quality of the material to increase its potential, and that is not afraid to spend a whole afternoon to work on his sound is a real gold mine .

Which instruments do you use?
Cort Artisan A4 fretless, and more rarely now Fender Active Precision Special (Mexico)

Which ones do you prefer, you hate?
I was looking for a sound very far, slamming, loud but not so far, especially with the bass without it becoming muddy! Quite difficult, often this is where our friend the semi parametric eq, coupled with a simulation aguilar preamp.
The combination pod / rebelhead 450 is nickel for this, since with a modern sounding amp, it does not fade too much sound you want on the pod, and can even compensate for the lack of heat through the digital Tubetone (see the features the tc electronics RH450).


For how long have you been using it?
For over a year now.

What thing do you like most/least about it?
+: Versatility, and convenience. (Yes, it's a crank ...)
-: Effects, quite limited to me, and suddenly the absence of an effects loop.

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
No, I would have liked to test the pod x3, and the boss gt10b.

What is your opinion about the value for the price?
Honest, since I use the inside I would much more expensive with single pedals.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
Yes, apart perhaps for the x3 version that combines simulated guitar amps, bass and even voice and acoustic preamps, especially for the possibility to route the signal on two different wall ties, eg one for the bass sound and a one for effects or saturation, a bit like a parallel effects loop inside the same simulator.

To finish, so I tested with and without the pod on the RH450. The sound is just monstrous on this amp, although I expected my new sound experience with the pod that it is better without it. And for the first time since last year to use it, I found the pod with a sound more punchy, without any loss of volume compared to the natural sound of the amp. And all this while leaving the EQ of the amp totally neutral, allowing the shot to be able to adjust later with just this one without having to touch the pod as the places where I should play.

We should therefore stop once and for all to spit on modeling and on this camera, because the secret lies in its good work and passion that you put as much as in how to use components, and not only in the "All Tube". It sounds may actually be slower and requires more work, but the result is worth it!

Excalius's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Bass POD XT Live

The best amp simulator and effects for bass. This is the big box of tools while bassist who wants to put some color in his game


Super simple, I've never seen a manual also full of humor. We see that these are people srs them and their products and they do not take the head.

Configuration is as simple and more tlchargeable the program on the official website allows his computer (via the USB port of the box) to edit the sounds, to change with users line6,. .. It is even possible to search by song and the download directly from the pod to get the sound guy!

The pedals are solid and the machine does PSE not too heavy for twenty amps ...


Incredibly flashing, I active bass Yamaha TRB-5 (5 strings) on a Fender Rumble (very good amp without too much of personal and sounds are a rgal.

For terms of amps, I should not return to that Line6 is the best box simulation.
For stompbox (heads) is also a wide range trsraliste trs. The distortion is amazing!
In terms of modulations, are duly, there are almost too much. (It yammer a reverse delay that you play by reversing the order).
Finally, for the reverb and delay mode, you can really believe in a basement or in a concert hall in a jiffy.

Finally, for the synths sounds, I compared with the BOSS SYB-5 and there is no match. The pod is live directly frquences my bass and the sound is not unlike the hach ​​boss pedals. Synths sounds are not many but enough for two or three pieces of scne.


I use the pedals for 3 weeks. I have long hsit with the GT-6B, but the rich sound of the POD XT Live Amp is composed of heads and effects convinced me.

I am not at all the! I bought 450 new and I would do without this choice problem. Can I keep my bass, my amp, and achieve new levels of sound worthy of the professional world.

In addition, LINE6 cuts in 4 to provide the support, the firmware update, sounds and effects which makes me think that it is flexible POD will. It can appeal to as many people who do not take the head (with the sounds of the factory) as confirmed with all rglages possible.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Bass POD XT Live
Pedals, multi-effects, amp modeling.
We therefore find the overdrive and saturation of all types modeled on famous pedals, a wha-wha, wha of self, filters diverse and varied, delays / chorus / flanger / phaser / compressor, etc..
Basically, this pedal has all the most used pedals from the past 40 years.
Amp level, we find a small thirty of the old Fender amp with SWR, through the Marshall, Sunn, Alembic, Aguilar, Vox, etc.. We can associate with a score of different speakers from the small 1x12 or 2x10 to 8x10 or 4x15 in the above mentioned brands. Everything is taken up by four different virtual microphones that we can move virtually.
Connection level, we find an instrument input, Variax input low, a normal output, DI output (no sound processing), and an entry to a USB port (for direct recording on computer).
The pedal features 64 memories that we can control the foot pedal on / off the amp, effects "stomp" (distortion, overdrive, auto wah, filters), the effects of modulation and delay / reverb. We find a pedal tuner for access to that doubles as a controller for the tempo of the delay and an assignable expression pedal to volume, wha-wha, what parameters or n'imorte effects and low Variax.


Configuration is very simple: pages that are not sucèdent in other pages or menu hidden. Also the parameters of the chosen Amli are directly controlled from the dedicated knobs.
The manual is delivered in English, but the Line 6 site, you can download the French edition.


There is something for all tastes. I find the amps very successful and the effects but may be less useful for bass players (after each style).
There is frankly no amp I do not like, depending on the styles, they all find useful.

After several weeks of use here is my verdict:
the sound through headphones is excellent frankly, after using a bass amp is a forgotten, it does not work. Then a sound system, why not, but the result is not the same as headphones.
Finally, I have chosen in order to make home made, but without disturbing neighbors with my two lamps and the body, there is a real problem: the sound alone is fine but unlike a real amp at mixing, it is impossible to place a coherent, low stands of the mix of a very special way: it is useless!


I have a few weeks and I love its endless sonic possibilities. I love the association with the Line 6 Variax bass that you can control with the pedals: eg it is possible to move from its ultra modern SWR amp, compressor and a Warwick bass with his old such an old Ampeg B-15 and predicted that a flat wound strings by pressing a single pedal ... it is truly magical!
Honestly, the POD XT Live can not be compared to other models or Behringer Boss type, we really are a cut above.

Despite all this, I sold it after a month: in the end, it may be regarded as a good headphone amp, but live or recording situation, it's almost unusable ... too bad!
Robert Boudu07/25/2005

Robert Boudu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Bass POD XT Live
A classic range of effects is available, a priori the same as the Bass POD XT. Some are more or less gadget, style synthesizer ... I confess to not having explored the thing too, especially for the low, I use an old combo so far and 0 effect.
The highlight of the unit is obviously the digital amp simulation and speaker cabinets. For more details, check out the reviews on the bass POD XT is the same thing it seems to me, only changes the format of the device.
The device can be connected to a PC (a Mac too, probably), midi or USB. I have not tested either, I do not know if the apps that go already developed for this product, but having tried the thing with a Pod 2 (guitar), I do not make me worry about the issue . Furthermore, it will be possible to update the firmware via the internet, then you may call one or all original sounds without having to connect. But all the effects seem to be relatively easily editable from the pedals.
In addition to MIDI and USB ports, there is a normal input (with a choice between different modes), a Variax input for those who have the complete Line 6, and an auxiliary input (for CD player, for example ). There is a DI output (which apparently bypasses the presets and the volume pedal), a normal output with a direct switch / amp (you can refine the selection after the exit) and a headphone output.
I do not know if I went around, but it lacks against a second output line: on stage, since this type of device is designed to be connected directly to the table, it would be nice to be able to also connect an amp back ... I experiment with the headphone or DI, but I have not found a solution. On the other hand, there is no output XLR.


The general configuration is simple and complicated at the same time: no worries to scroll through the presets, banks and others, the volume pedal wah-wah also, but is hard to trigger.
on the other hand, as we want to tinker a little, the controls and displays do not seem super intuitive, there is a time when we are ready to enter the manual, even in English ... But once the system is somewhat integrated, it's actually quite easy, even if the number of adjustable parameters does not help to simplify things ... But I am far from having yet explored, indeed I did what most would call a courtesy ...
The manual, in the tradition line 6, has some "quick start" for the impatient, and some more technical, always with a minimum of self-promotion, but also all the information you want. on the other hand, it was provided in English with the Pod, it is now available in French on the site of line 6 (which is virtually all in English) and I have to go harass the dealer for a French edition.


I use this device to the Baloch, therefore times ranging from bagpipes to rock, hence the need for more sounds ... The effects are in this framework to be used sparingly, but his level, there is already, just with the presets, enough to find happiness. Part of them is dedicated to recording studio in theory, another to live, and a final owners of Variax, I'm not ... But we can draw within three, adjusting a little équalo, worry-free.


I bought the beast two weeks ago, I made plans with four ... This is a notice hot, I had little time to tinker with it, and in addition I am very far from a pro audio ... Anyway, there was nothing, then it's a start for those interested in the thing?
I particularly regret that no two outputs, as on my guitar pod, that I have problems returning. Otherwise the device is practical, looks very sturdy (not like some pedals of my knowledge, I do not know if we can give names).
I tried a Boss pedal, I also have a small pedal zoom, but even the Boss, I found a grain a little electronic, which did not please me at all ... And connectivity, especially to a computer was down ... Later, at his, it should not argue over the head with a brick, and a pair of speakers, but it's beginning to look like, at a lower cost and size ...
Line 6 is still a bit expensive, especially compared to the ranges of Behringer, but quality level there is absolutely no contest, which justifies the price difference ... He can only hope that this device will be as good as other branded products.
The presentation is more pedal at different levels: it's cheaper than buying a Pod + pedals, connectivity and less, so fewer sources of trouble ... It's just a little more difficult to resolve, it is better to do at home than on stage.
For me it's a good way to change my sound without ruining me, it has an undeniable convenience to the scene, and there are different qualities of Pod to tinker at home on your sound card. If I can solve this problem out and return, then yes, without hesitation, it's worth it ...
It did not take notes fabulous, because I do not know much in sound and effects, and in addition I did not have much time to look into the matter, but I refer even those who want an opinion pointed to the opinions given on the Bass Pod XT, pending further advice here ...