Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21
Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21

V-Tone Bass BDI21, Bass Amp Simulator from Behringer in the V-Tone series.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 20 reviews )
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fredolee16's review"If you want to buy the Sans Amp, try this and save money!!!"

Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21
First of all keep in mind that this behringer unit of the SansAmp unit is not a overdrive pedal concept. It is a tube emulator so those guys that are trying to bash the pedal because "the drive knob doesn't work well", didn't read or understand the concept of a bass driver pedal (tech 21 or Behringer BDI21). I play bass three times per week. Play in a local church but play for a rock band too. I play bass since 2000 and have several basses and other stuff. From 2003, the Tech 21 SansAmp bass driver was my main trick to my sound. For whatever reason, I decided to sold it to try something different but every stuff I tried doesn't give me that warm like Geddy Lee sound that I loved. I see this Behringer in a local store and immediately noted that is a copy of my loved Sans Amp bass driver so, for $30 I decide to take the risk. What a surprise. It is almost identically. I my opinion sounds a little bit better because has a little more midrange so I find it that it add less color to my sound than the Sans Amp so it's a little bit easier to find a clean sound. Yes, it is plastic, but I take care of my stuff so this is not a problem. This unit or the Tech 21 are excellent for passive basses. I can't play my jazz bass without this thing. It simply add punch to my bass and that warm sound that I really love to play rock. The other difference that I find with this and the Sans Amp is that the Sans Amp has a little more output than this but I just add more volume and bingo. The bass driver pedals add a little color to your sound so even when it has a "clean sound setting" it's a little hard to find a super clean sound so If you love a super clean sound, maybe this or the sansamp are not the pedal for you. Remember that this is a tube emulator. If you love a little warm sound (especially to play rock) you will love this unit.

nicowaddle's review"Excellent value for money"

Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21
Tube amp simulator with DI output.
I give it a 10 because it allows me to program sounds (like the VT Bass Deluxe). Given the price, I'm going too far, I know!!!


It's really easy to dial in, to be honest:
- A presence control ("brilliance," an enhancer)
- A drive control to dirty up the sound
- A bass control
- A treble control
- A level (volume) control
- A blend control (tube simulation rate)

The manual provides well thought-out presets.

I give it 8 because it doesn't have any mids controls, like the Sansamp Bass Driver it's a copy of.


The AF samples are excellent to get an idea.
I love its sound quality, it adds warmth to the sound and you can find whatever you want. I used it for reggae and slap and it's awesome.
No noise and many, many possibilities.
I got rid of it because I got a tube preamp but I sometimes miss this small magic box if only because of the ease with which I could get a killer slap sound.
I must say that I didn't compare it to the Sansamp but my opinion on certain Behringer pedals (the most recent ones) is that they are (almost) as good as the originals at a ludicrous price. The BOD400, apart from a slight difference in gain, is almost the same as the ODB-3 and the TO800 sounds like an Ibanez TS808 (although I must admit that I didn't compare these last two with the same instrument).
The only thing you can criticize it for is a lousy switch. But the BDI21 isn't conceived like the others and doesn't have a shitty switch (even if it wouldn't dare jump on it too vigorously!!!). The buttons are a bit loose, but nothing to worry about.


Test passed, considering the price.
If this pedal was sold for 100 bucks by a more renown brand, I'm sure many (including me!) would fall into the trap.
If you have an average amp, go for it.

muzikal's review

Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21
It's analog. The difference is important compared to digital modelers (see below). Editing is made with markers on paper (not bad with 3B). 100% bug-free. Drive, treble, bass, presence, blend (direct sound and pedal mix), volume. Battery or PSU operation. Battery operation is disastrous, you'd better go with a PSU (a sturdy one).


Before kindergarten there's the BD121.


Okay, there's the matter of the power supply. Don't expect a decent sound with a 9V battery. The amperage is too low, sound has no dynamics and it's lifeless. You need to use 9 V 0.5 A minimum or even more. And then it transforms and it delivers bass and treble, and even mids, with a very good output level. It sounds very big with the blend all the way up, with fat lows that need to be tamed and excellent dynamics, even too dynamic. Even my 8040s have a hard time with it. I tested it with an Epiphone Viola, passive bass with two humbuckers, a Studiomaster P7 console and a TwinQ. It's useful to connect it to a ballsy setup that can take anything. The drive is really nice, the Viola makes it sing, even at full blast. The difference with digital modelers is that the dynamic response and timbre of an instrument are well-respected. There's no comparison. With a tube compressor inserted (Fatman), I don't need anything else. The sound is solid as an egg, punchy, powerful, rich in harmonics.


If you made a blind test with more prestigious models, I think more than one would be surprised. On the other hand, the V-amp modeling from the same manufacturer has no soul, no life, no musicality.
The cons:
- Unusable with a 9V battery
- You need to connect it to a ballsy setup that can handle it and doesn't alter what comes out (console, preamp...), disappointing with a Berhinger console.
- Awful look,
- Behringer is behind it - We'll see how it turns out in terms of reliability...
- Obscene price

The pros:

- Fat sound if used with a high amperage PSU
- Nice drive
- Definitive and maybe even pro takes are possible
- The sound adapts well to any effects, especially dynamics processors
Edit from April 8, 2010

I decided to order the Sans amp VT bass.
Here are my impressions, compared to the BD 121:

- With clean sounds, the VT bass has a wider sound, fuller, it's more precise, too, but there's not a big difference compared to the Behringer. The VT bass has more gain and a better signal-to-noise ratio, too.
- It surprised me most when increasing the drive. To my ears, the BD121 takes the lead with a more reedy, more musical crunch and overdrive, and it handles harmonics better. The VT bass remains rough with the "character" control, which emphasizes the mids and high mids with a striking overall tone.
With distortion, the VT bass has a more modern sound, even if you can reduce that coloring with the controls. The Behringer is more vintage.
Bottom line:
For clean sounds, jazz, blues, rock, the VT bass is the way to go.
For crunch/overdrive, I choose the BD121
Audiofanzine FR11/29/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21
(Originally written by bapt dj debutant/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

WARNING: the overdrive doesn't work at all. After just three weeks it started to generate strange and annoying noises when you turned the control beyond the first quarter.

UPDATE: the noise disappeared again. It could have been my mistake. -_-'

Very fragile controls. High battery consumption (5-hour battery operation)...


Beginners beware, the user's manual is clear but it doesn't explain all functions. The setting examples are very useful (slap, reggae, etc.)


The effects sound ok but the overdrive is not intense enough.


It's my first DI box... I know it was cheap but...

WARNING: the overdrive doesn't work at all. After just three weeks it started to generate strange and annoying noises when you turned the control beyond the first quarter.

UPDATE: the noise disappeared again. It could have been my mistake. -_-'

And the controls are VERY easily breakable! Handle them with care. I don't think I'll use this DI box anymore.

Once again, it's ok... for beginners! Don't forget to buy the external PSU because its battery life is very short...

JackLudden's review

Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21
This is a pedal based bass amp simulator unit. It's an analog unit. There are separate controls for drive, presence, bass, treble, blend, and output level. The input is 1/4", and there is a balanced XLR output as well as a 1/4" output. It is not rackable, as it's quite small and seems to be meant to be used as a pedal.


The configuration and setup is very simple, there is not much to this unit. Editing the sounds is very easy, there are just 6 clearly labeled knobs. The manual is sufficient in explaining their functions.


The sounds you get from this are not that good. While you can get an improvement sometimes from a plain DI signal, a lot of what this pedal can do is not very good sounding. The drive knob supplies a bit of distortion, and this sounds almost similar to what you'd hear on a tiny peavey solid state practice amp - not that attractive. There are EQ type knobs - bass, treble and presence. The bass shelf I feel goes too far into the mids, and it's easy to get a muddy sound because of it. The treble knob when boosted sounds brittle, as does the presence knob. However the presence knob can help if you need the bass to poke out in a mix more, even if it doesnt sound that good soloed. The blend knob seems to be a type of harmonic saturation. This is probably one of the better features of this pedal. About halfway turned, the blend knob has the potential to improve the sound of your DI'd bass and add some warmth, but again it depends on the instrument. The last knob is just for output level.


I bought this a long time ago, maybe 4 years ago. If you just want your bass to sound a little different in your home recording, this will serve the purpose, but if you are looking for a really great bass tone, I wouldn't bother with this pedal. The good thing about it, though, is that it is cheap. I have used a variety of bass amp sims, and usually you're better off using a software one. The value is fair - the price is cheap but then so is the sound. You get what you pay for. I wouldn't get this again, it has sat unused for a long time.

Grenouillère's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Jazz Precision rather than ..."

Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21
So it's a direct box. It can serve either as a direct box, or preamp, or emergency replacement if it was not his gear on hand ...

It is therefore an effect pedal format, which comes before amplification (hence the name pre-amp'...) der lol ... For specifications:

A level input / output level one ......
two parameters of equalizer settings: bass / treble
Can we find a "presence" (the goal is to increase the harmonics of the game)
Finally the "Blend": The wheel to increase the simulator lamp. The particularity of this effect is to bring a warm side to the sound without breaking the bank!
Then there is a footswitch / input and output jack "classical" / DI output for those wishing to enter directly into a table / Ground Lift switch to prevent ... I know not what? " A priori is to avoid the buzz in some contexts (neon, overvoltage, poor land taken ...).

I find the config complete and very well thought out. While the look is average, but at the same time a pedal AC arises from land, often in the dark, so ... For 30 € we will not ask for much more?

Of course not rackmount model ...
I think it's digital! Not light, but fairly convincing ...

XLR audio is connectable by the DI, or by conventional jack ...

It is regrettable that there have no marks around the knobs ... This is the only negative I find. The case seems solid (metal).


Setup: Simple! One branch ... Turning the level and it sounds! Course must be refined after!
Editing sounds takes a little time to find the sound that suits us, but we get a tampering his "inflated" more convincing ...

Manual? It is useless ... The only interest is to give two or three examples of classical sounds to try it at the beginning ...


This is where is the best! I think this little box is amazing! I was looking for a preamp box, and Noel, Father foo brought me this little box! What a great idea! Since December 26 I use it all the time ...
Initially I was using two types passive bass jazz bass. The advantage is a sound that is inflated, rounder, more "powerful" without breaking your ears ... It's warm, velvety, slamming against the side we criticize the sometimes passive JB!
I used preamp for concerts, and nothing to say! The macbhine done very good job. It gives me a heat lamp that I was not with my amp transistor. Certainly it's not real light. You do not compete with any Ampeg head lamps ... But for beginners it does it is!

This simulation lamp is a great idea! For cheap you can warm her sound! What cool ...

Face side: worries ... Well plugging in my old P Bass 79 (which has a large output level huge!) It was not going at all ... Well this is probably my settings! To me, they were perfect! And do it all again! Pwouah ... But it pretty saturated from the start. So I think it's a pedal for the rather low standard with modern microphones that send less than the old series. After maybe the P bass does not go with? Anyway for the jazz bass, there is a little warm side of the old low warmed to the lamp ...

The sound that I prefer:
- Drive: 9 pm .. To bring a hint of crunch ...
- Level at 15 h: to boost the output signal.
- Equa: as I am bass player: sharp at 10 pm or 11 pm to 14 pm and Basses
- The Blend: 15 pm, because at bottom it deteriorates too much signal ... It is the enemy of the good too.
- For harmonics (presence): I alternate between 12 and 14 h. Beyond that is too harmonic, below, the sound muffled sounds too ...

This is my setting, it is = Me, but I think I found a good compromise. After sometimes I play with the drive and the level to bring a small saturation very nice!

I put 9 for the problem with my P bass ...


I use it for 2 months. I am very satisfied, Father Christmas was the nose (without going broke !!!). Tried other models? No. on the other hand I tried the "real" tube preamp, and it's true we do not play very much in the same court! The sound is warm, sympathetic, etc. ... But it's still digital "simulates" a lamp ... It's not a lamp! So for some € you underfoot a small pedal that will improve your sound, amplifying the input, bring what I call a "smooth", a softer, less aggressive, some say plsu homogeneous.

What I like most? The box side to do anything! The side preamp, DI, equations, Boost ... For a few Euros! Obviously, if we have 200 € are a lot better. For those who can not, it's a great compromise: The sound nice without being discovered ...
The ratio Q / P? Unbeatable for what it's done ... After no limit if it is ...

Quite honestly, I would do this choice (Mr Noel finally!) Because I think it improves his record to have a practical tool that lets you move better sound at lower cost. And especially "his" sound anywhere!

After two months: it's always been on my amp, I use it every day ...

Zerothe(bass)hero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent stuff!"

Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21
It is an amp simulator pedal format which also DI.
Connectivity of + DI pedal.

Rgler allows the sound before the effects of renter directly to a table without an amp.


Simple Config.
In order
1) knob "drive" = fat is in the sound until a lgre disto.
2) Treble: I spend
3) bass: same
4) level: Determines the output level of the pedal.
5) presence: Ramna treble on the front of the stage but it is more subtle than a. .. In the limit of compression, I think. At noon that knob allows for a balanced sound and richer in harmonics.
6) blend: my prfr: simulation of lamps. A background! It


gnial. For a few dollars, that stuff turns your microphone or your amp lambda too "right" amp in "of character."

Obviously, it works not like Samsamp, but for Zikos bar or local festivals ... was enough even for real Zikos dsargents (I accumulate, arf!)

Only BMOL has lost a kind micro JB flt ct his easel and singing to add bass and potato. In short, fans of Jaco deprecated.

on the other hand, rockers of all stripes, and the rastamen slappeurs There's something ... For 15 euros secondhand ...

Intressant as a backup in case of roasting amp ...


Utilis past few months, I do more releases them. I advise everyone to get particulirement a round, serious, warm.

If you use a low entry level and / or an amp quite right, this beast will make you happy.

If you use a head lamp while Ampeg and Precision U.S., I do not know why you're reading this review. You can dispense with this pedal.
Frankly, is able to view the 10/10 low price, Obviously ...

WaveBat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21
I said a clearer to set the record straight on time. - What are the effects or types of effects available? Overdrive particulirement zero, which is sorely lacking in efficiency has not really saturates rather it looks crappy parasite rotting us the sound, and more on my own sound becomes increasingly lame as and has as the battery is empty ... 0/10 Acute equalizer and low efficiency of a limit, but hey, if it is used not ^^ (I prefer that my amp). 2/10 A level not great, the prampli does its job and the level increases, but toujourstrspeu. 2/10 A knob of presence, meaning bring roundness to our sound. Rat 0/10 of a blend knob, which should be used to mix the original sound and the retouch, a can still be used. 5/10 A ground lift which has half walk. 3/10 - What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...) Analog - Are they ditables? Via a publisher Mac / PC? Not of course !! - What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI) Audio. the plug is gold plated male XLR (or it's fake) and has an output jack and asymmetrical between jack. The battery does not work unless the jack is plugged in 7/10 In. - Is this a rack or rack model? No, it's a pedal is placed on the floor. <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Miscellaneous</span> This pedal works with a 9v battery that discharges by 3 hours' -_-, the phantom can not be used and not supplied power must have a polarity REVERSE story that buys the Behringer PSU. 0/10 There is obviously a true bypass, which cuts EVERYTHING, even the Pramp (dgringoladedu level ensures!) To do any editing to the sound of the bass 3/10. An LED indicates whether the pedal is operating. The case has the look of a painted piece of plastic money and this is the case. In the end I would extraordinarily gnreuse note of 2/10 because the Pramp pramplifie (and again).


- Is Gnrale setup simple? Simply no! you turn the button and nothing (except level), it is very easy! 2/10 - The edition of sounds and effects is it easy? Idem. - The manual is clear and sufficient ... There is a proposal rglages but share nothing is explained Go 3/10, 2/10 for presets?.


- Are the effects effective and sufficiently ADAPTS GPs? - Which instruments do you use? - What are those you prfrez, you dtestez? Everything t said. I play on a G & L L2000 Tirbute and Jack & Danny passive jazz bass.


- How long have you use it? a year. - What is the particular feature you like best and least? Least see remains of the opinion The more see anywhere ... - Have you tried many other models before acqurir? This is my first. Certainly not my last, or monfidlecompagnon! - How do you report qualitprix? Zero quality / price riquiqui (actually it is quandmmehors price ^^). ame is not worth the money! - With the exprience, you do again this choice? ... No?. Behringer has done good things, but not. 1/10, because the Pramp pramplifie ... despite the interference. More I try to find some more chosed'intressantet I find nazes stuff ... I'm having trouble with the sale such notice ^^

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21
I think the pedals over a power amp would make a bass amp, well no but then not at all.
THE FIRST first held a month or two and then not turn that half or not then, or not at once or just a moment. Back guarantee, deuxime APRS takes another year, but down at least we could delude potential level sound ...

It's not great to use in that nothing is intelligible, a stammer and mumble under his breath, though it does.
Nothing is good or the drive or the equalizer or compressor or or or.
The output XLR sounds a little better but not yet strong either.


It's bad, iron board, everything becomes dull with it! Hem.

Who persists it is simple to use, but a small low table in the active right mix will sound a hundred times better, as simple.


It is not good, I think even that has prevents progress. I have the acoustic version of the pedals, the brunette ADI21, which does a better job with the bass actually. As' do, make as much a.

But beware, a Hartke format costs only 99roros pedals and works far better.
I have one for ages mycrobass Nobels (33roros) which is much more jovial and raliste the BDI.
Trsrcemment a vt Tech21 bass and three solar system is further ... the price too.


Do not buy this BDI21 is carrment bad. Reduces a budget there are better without a low DCON active (or passive via di-box) right in the sound is well above.
The pedals Hartke is the best alternative prize, You Save even hair has worth, that one does BDI21 dsillusions and bitterness I know something.
In addition, unreliable (and also applies to her sister's blue gdi typical bbert unfortunately).
A two euro is still too expensive given the mdiocrit product.

leudeline's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21
Be careful if you use a 9v adapter:
The polarity of the pedal is unlike standard adapters!! + = - And - = +
(No it's not math, but it's risky if you do not pay attention!)


The general configuration is it simple?


The effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?

So there I was amazed, despite the bad reputation of the brand, this little pedal really impressed me. You put the blend thoroughly, you set the EQ and presto you have your SVT 300 to 150 kg that fits in your pocket. I exaggerate a little but really, really not that much. Connected to a table, by inflating a bit serious, is amazing!


How would you rate the quality / price?

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Yes: a result almost identical, but huge difference in price!

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Despite the fragile aspect of the switch (that nothing prevents to change!), So no problem!