Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe

Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe

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VT Bass Deluxe, Bass Amp Simulator from Tech 21 in the Character Series series.

5 user reviews

Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe review

Tech 21 Characters Series VT Bass Deluxe Review

Tech 21 Characters Series VT Bass Deluxe Review

At Your Beck and Call... Following the Red Ripper, let's check out the new VT Bass version released by Tech 21. The unit is a preamp in stompbox format. It simulates the sound of the legendary SVT amps from a manufacturer whose name is unnecessary to mention. since you are all very cultivated. Many AF members have praised this system in the forums and asked for a review of the Deluxe version. That's why we decided to try it out and give you our opinion. Read more…

Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Tech 21
  • Model: VT Bass Deluxe
  • Series: Character Series
  • Category: Bass Amp Simulators
  • Added in our database on: 01/29/2010

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Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %

manu_kinou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent sound and ease of use"

Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe
See other reviews or the manufacturer's website.


The use is obvious.
I agree with the others in the set.
However, two or three details that warrant further examination:
- I had to return the XLR output jack for my elbow came back under my feet is not much to do, but hey, at least the angled jack is from the cable to the front of the stage and so I not be stepped on.
- Mini boost button is a trap! Indeed, when pressed, the sound takes and we gain a stronger or slightly saturated sound. It can be useful to a passage where the bass should be highlighted ... but how to support it without crouching and fiddling hand gear. No interest in that.
- The effects loop has caused me a lot of trouble. I programmed three sounds in each bank 1 to 3 Passing Channel A to B, I kept the same config, but including the effects loop. I put an MS-60b. This loop is AFTER amplification and therefore sends a signal foolish in the multi-effects thus produced what is commonly called ... well shit! There has Mike Putnam offering for $ 60 to move the loop prior to amplification, but it must send its VTBD next to Buffalo, NY, USA ... Actually, no I will not do it, I'll m ' buy a small looper to ride myself in Musikding and will be connected upstream. End of sketch. Advantage not to use the effects loop, so I can book the "Channel B" versions of my banks to boosted version of my sounds, so I also corrects the failure of boost.

All's well that ends well, but what a pain to get there ...


I do not use the character beyond 12 (+/- dirty distortion). The sounds are large, with lots of body. I love it! I confirm that indicated by the other.

The only downside is the use of the effects loop (see above).


I use it for almost 1 year and half is the centerpiece of my pedalboard. It set me preamp, DI box, booster, equalizer and it beautifies my different bass sounds. It is great when used properly and understanding some small details which may appear insignificant.

It's expensive, but when you love ...

slow_pulse_boy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Stunning!"

Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe
Tech21 pedal VTBass the pedal format with 6 presets divided into two banks.
Editable by turning the knobs with a system not to flinguer ears.
The manual says the camera simulates the Ampeg amps with only analog components.
Connection really luxury 2 inputs for connecting two basses, an output jack, a balanced XLR DI output (both running at the same time).


Ultra-easy to use: the switches and knobs.
Manual clear and sufficient so that it is an archetype.


This is an amp simulator, not a distortion!
In very little time, I could adjust three presets: a clean cut in the medium, less clean-poor treble, and a third a little dirty but not too much. If you push the Drive and Character together, it starts to blow fast enough and it becomes garish, but as we made the choice to push one of these two knobs leaving the other at 9, we obtain its still a usable once adjusted with the volume knob and three tones that are very sensitive.
My favorite setting: Character at least Drive at 11am, 10am sharp, bass and mid noon. I get a powerful sound, which does not become uncomfortable when I attack the G string with a pick.


I use it for several months, which allows me to have a good sound even plugged into the amp shit studio where I repeated. I have not abandoned the fiddling of knobs of my bass from one track to another, but with this I could pedal.
I have some effects pedals (one Ibanez Overdrive), a pedal (for guitar, so I do not use the speaker simulator), but this is the first real amp simulator I have.
What I like least: the fragility of the contacts. I stepped on a jack and since sometimes I have a bad contact. You will say "what took me," but this is precisely the kind of thing that does not express! So delicate attention, that's why I put only 8.
What I like: everything else!
Value jubilant.
And the day when it will make the soul I'll buy another. Although ... by then, if there are other devices simulating amps qu'Ampeg as well ...

moixjj's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The contraption almost perfect!"

Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe
I ordered this case in the United States after having owned a SansAmp Bass Driver (which I'm still at home) and the basic version of the VT Bass. Having big problems back (I have an intact spinal disc lower back) I looked for a solution so I could spend as much as possible of my big stuff on stage and studio. I had the ultimate gizmo for my sound to carry, have a few different channels and be able to go directly to a mixing desk ... and I found the grail, pace Lancelot and others.
I will not possess the characteristics already detailed. Let's just say it's pure analog level. I will return to the technical details below. I put a 10 because that's exactly what I needed ... it lacks the ability to disengage the speaker simulation, but then I quibble.


I therefore used as a preamp and direct box. I go with my coffee after my tuner, my bassballs and my OD at Mazzetti. I go out on my amp by jack (can increase the gain of 10db) and table mix by XLR (opportunity phantom power, ground lift ,...). To my amp, I bypass the preamp using the entry "return" of the effects loop. I have no shots of coloring the sound, my amp and my Ashdown ABM 500 4 * 10 cabinet become mere monitors ... and I'm not ashamed to say, the sound of the VT Bass and better than the preamp in my ABM. Unbelievable.
The sounds are easy to find and edit via 2 banks of 3 channels. This is not a gas plant, we found it very quickly and the knobs are effective. About Me I edited sounds rather cleans playing with the "Character". I avoided the drive, I prefer that of my pedal Mazzetti is the best I've heard. The sounds that I found quickly are accurate, powerful, punchy, dynamic, .., I play the stoner and post-hardcore, I bore very easily into the mix. With my Ibanez ATK Japanese, it's happiness in slices. The manual is almost negligible. It offers configs (edited by default on the new pedal) but finally it also depends on the instrument that will branch ... and it's so nice to mess with the knobs Be yourself to find THE sound. And as I am a regular at the brand, I quickly found what I was looking for.
The only thing that I do not end, it is the effects loop. They advise to the OD, the fuzz and envelope filters upstream of the VT. Of strokes there is not much to plug into the effects loop. And as I did not need chorus or flanger ...


I have NEVER played on an SVT all-tube. I find it too heavy and too expensive as an investment. Even if it sounds the fire god, here we agree. So, I am unable to say if the sound is captured SVT ... but I'm a little pats indeed, the purpose for me not to have something that "sounds like". It is a preamp that has lots of personality and allows for excellent sound, very precise and with incredible dynamics. I use it with an Ibanez ATK Japanese often accused of copying Musicman ... but again, ATK is the instrument with its own personality. With my Mazette, the triad is perfect. Sounds good rock'n'roll!
With the best overdrive pedal on the market for my taste, I do not get too drive. But all the other knobs can act effectively on the sound.
And lastly, you probably know all this curse that one day it was perfect sound with his gear and, once following the same settings, the sound is disgusting. You see what I mean eh? Well, this pedal avoids this problem brilliantly.
My next investment will be a mini amp mega super powerful light (SWR, Markbass or GK) with a light baffle equally into 4 ohm. Amplifiers might even be enough, I no longer need pre-amp.


I received it recently after using the first version of VT Bass. In 15 years I make music, I've tried tons of stuff. But then I found a solution cost, lightweight and efficient transport problems and space on stage. The sound is excellent and the connection possibilities are exhaustive. There is nothing to throw. The value is exceptional due to the high level of finishes from Tech21 remains a small New York company that manufactures his equipment on site. I do not regret that choice. It is clear that I would like a rig with an Ampeg SVT 8 * 10 and roadies to carry all that ... but having back problems, no driver's license, no roadies and no cash is the perfect solution.

Negens's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The knife Swiss luxury bassist:)"

Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe
DI and amp simulator SVT.
2 entries
Output Jack
Effects loop
It can be powered by 9V battery, a DC adapter or by phantom power on XLR.
6 Perset if you use a programmable input.
or 3 presets for bass instruments with bass if 2 are connected to the inputs A and B
bypass available for each preset.
EGAIS severe acute medium.
Drive, character and level.

A ground lift, a boost for the output jack, and a pad for the XLR output

It's built like a tank (metal shell).

There is everything in this box,


Operation is extremely simple, and the manual is short and efficient!
Editing sounds is super easy: You turn the knobs, and soon it'll kick a doube-cli, forgiveness, a double-kick, and it registered!


So, I say live, that thing got a hole in the c * s!

I connected a Vigier Excess Indus and the character of my database is quite well respected.
I go in my Bousin Lexicon I-ONIX FW810S via XLR and Phantom in alimentatn

I also have an Ampeg SVT-3 Pro.
The two have nothing to do. The SVT3 sounds very modern, while VT Bass is more old school and friendly.

When I received it, I susi first programmed a good clean sound, and much faster than I could have done with the Retail Banking, which I had before.
Tested over a piece of Lacuna Coil is convincing.

Second reference tone: Wratchild Iron Maiden, and then in 2-stroke 3 movements, I get the sound. Wow! To think they have locked an old SVT in a small box on 20cm 10cm.

Ultimate test: the repeats!
I plug in a Poweramp SVT450h with which I had never managed to get the sound I liked, and miraculously! No need to type much, it happens nickel in the mix (We play metal). What you need serious without it puke, mediums super beautiful, treble present but not aggressive. And a bold and warmth typically Ampeg.

There's a compression in the sound (like the natural compression of a tube amp that is pushed).
A good momentum is still conserved.
And slap, it was fishing but without the aggressive acute SVT450H.

I put a delay in effects loop, which turns out to be very transparent

All the nuances of the game are there, the mids and highs come out with beautiful and natural. The drive can have this little warm saturation characteristic of Ampeg. Let me tell you that I took my foot at this again (and everybody got along better than usual.



I use it for 2 weeks.
I had the Retail Banking before that was fine, but do not let me forget.

What I like most:
- The connectivity provided very
- The easy programming
- Sound Killer
- Strength

What I like least:
- Nothing.

Qrapport the quality: price is right. It is worth its price for the design, and I'd say it's a very good offer in view of the exemplary quality.

With experience, I would do this choice, wouthit hesitate half a second!

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