Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21

Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21

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V-Tone Guitar GDI21, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Behringer in the V-Tone series.

10 user reviews
Prices starting at $29 Average price: $31

Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Behringer
  • Model: V-Tone Guitar GDI21
  • Series: V-Tone
  • Category: Guitar Amp Simulation Pedals
  • Added in our database on: 01/21/2005

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Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21 user reviews

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 10 reviews )
 4 reviews40 %
 4 reviews40 %
 1 user review10 %
 1 user review10 %
Johnny R10/09/2014

Johnny R's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice "Swiss knife" cheap"

Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21
Characteristics? everybody know: it's a cheap copy of the Tech 21 Sansamp GT2.


Very simple configuration, there is no tampering with 50,000 buttons in all directions for a clean sound.
Manual well enough.


The main course we attack: is this sound or not?


Of 27 possible configurations, I do not remember as 9, but all are very good in my opinion.
Let us not forget that we are talking about a device with 26 euros .......

Ultimately, one has 3 switches: one for the type of amp, 1 for the level / type of gain, one for positioning the mic facing the amp ..... it is the latter which m 'left on my hunger, I think, only the "classic" sounds natural position, the other 2 (center & off axis) quickly compress the sound, making all chemical suite, very "low-end transistors" .. ... or very "hyper scooped mids" ...... to play thrash metal of modern hyper death, it may have an interest may be at the limit ..... .....

The switch "ground lift"? I frankly do not know what it is ..... but I have no problem with ground loop, so ......

No "pop" when pressing the foot switch, however the sliding switches can generate sound .....

Another "detail": the gain can be MONSTROUS! I wonder interest to achieve such a level of saturation? knob at 9 am, it's already big guy ..... beyond noon, it gets crazy. And the breath becomes problematic.

In summary, the emulation of amps is relatively realistic "spirit" ..... we recover a Fender, Marshall or Mesa character.

The types of saturations (hot, hi-gain, clean) is a real benefit.
The knobs all have a real impact. Their fault is that they are a bit small.
The foot switch seems a bit fragile. It is clear that this is not the Boss ......

The sounds used (9) are not all bad, after all also depends on what you plug this device ...... I plug it into an AMT TC-3, which is very transparent, and that the nickel ..... I made a complete amp like a shoebox.

We're going a pretty clean clean (missing a reverb), through a nice little crunch to a dito phew ..... sound can really be VERY VERY HEAVY.

The pros:
Prices, sound reproduction, ease of use.

The -:
The blast high gain, the switch "Mic" usefulness questionable, the general lack of strength (but it will if you're not too nags). Maybe mount a real switch in metal stand would be a good mod ..... and cheap too .....

Note that I got better sound by putting a pedal "buffered" before ..... impedance can be a story or whatever .....


Well, finally, a good little device overall, with a Q / P pretty amazing .... I never tested the real GT2, which however looks best on the demos, but the price gap n is really not justified ..... GT2 is still seven times more expensive, but it is far from being 7 times better .....

I tried some multi-effects, I never hung, it always sounded very "cartoonish" ..... and most importantly, what's the point of offering 100, 200 different sounds if ultimately they are people to only 10 good?
There at least, there's no looking 100 take ages to make it sound!

So great machine for a beginner or intermediate who knows nothing distortion and overdrive and do not know what to buy too, nice backup device, or to make various sound experiences ..... and then 26 euros, you risk not much .....

In any case, it makes you want to buy the real GT2 occas' for example .....

I would do without this choice problem.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" subtle adjustment ....."

Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21
everything has been said, ca modeled amps, with shades rather questionable
we like the EQ, and distortion too METAL

jack, xlr


manual, or that???


efffet very average, nothing magical filter ca especially bass and treble heavy, with a sensitivity of bears!


5 years
finally, she serves as a filter to uen groovebox, who would have thought!

pdc06's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Keep your money for something else"

Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21
The PDAL is a Sino-Teutonic CLNE the Tech21 SansAmp. German design, made in China.
And lucky, as I have a genuine SansAmp GT2, I was easily able to compare guitar amp and sound card PC equal.
No need to procrastinate, the GDI 21 pales in comparison with the MODEL.
The Behringer has for her and one XLR ground lift switch as well. Normal output jack, I felt no diffrence so I guess the Gnd Lift is a power supply for the XLR fantme.
Plastic knobs and low end. Internal power supply crap, like most Behringer.


In use, well, it's like his counterpart at Tech21. In fact, I recommend the doc Tlcharger dernire this because it is more complte the examples of sounds than Behringer.
I am not an anti-Behringer but we reconnatre than a dozen pedals of this brand I had (all sold since), I had problem with the quality of 3 / 4 of them is to be dballage in the weeks following their purchase: that spit knobs, switch to lche especially big problem of buzz and breath with a power supply, or even a Maxon Powerplant premium. The power supplies are really bad for Behringer and trs often a problem of mass which makes them unusable.
For comparison, I use more than Maxon branches under the same conditions, and it has great value: high quality sound and no breath.


Having also a Bassman possd two pedals that are supposed to formulate, I can say that none of it well simulates this amp. Even if the grain and tone are not COPIS prs, is the legalization diffrent and warmth of his no.
To speak of the Behringer SPECIFICATIONS from the Tech21, trs is simple: until 1 / 4 of the drive, it is virtually the same.
Between 1 / 4 and 1 / 2, the Tech21 is doing much better in terms of saturation and clarity of sound.
APRS 1 / 2, I do not know, the Behringer breath so as to be unworkable in any fawn.
I prcise I play on Kinman Noiseless Blues pickups, microphones plutt premium and my Start makes no noise part of the channel of an amplifier drive lamps or elsewhere on the SansAmp ...


Keep your dough and buy a real pedals. Your neighbors, your ears and your guitar will thank you. I lost 25 euros, so be it.
Less comprehensive and more expensive, I would advise the AMT Tweed Sound for the Bassman and the Marshall for the M1, or R1 for Mesa. The at least, almost sounds like a real, better than the Tech21 Blonde / British / California and Boss FBM-1 and ST-2 equivalents in any case.

narnodel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21
All is said, right?
I find it lacks a button to the rgler mdiums. But none of the SansAmp GT2 with a ct ...


The configuration is gnrale I find extremely complex ...
For rglages certainly was 4 buttons and three switches to turn, not rocket science ...
But when you have a sound head, you can spend a while to configure it!
(Tweed Hot with less treble in Classic mode, or Brit Clean off axis mode with at least drive ?...)
The machine makes a wide range of trs sound, despite its apparent simplicity and can be a real s'avrer broken header if it is really demanding.
Personally, I love to break my head in these situations! Then 10 ...
The manual is typical Behringer, useless. And examples are ugly. So -1 for a.


L I do not know what to say.
In fact, used alone, there is a saturation ds, the sound is really, really awful. We speak of "bee" in these cases the I understand why. The way a tweed goes, the other two are audible mode clean - classic mic, but forget the rest. reminds me of a Boss DS-1 plugs into a headset. We can reduce the severity acute salvage, but it's really far from being adequate.
I think they just forget the simu HP ...

However, a simulation with HP (I use the same brand of UltraG), a ring, and really good! It was a sound REALLY warm. Originally I was looking for a clean palette of sounds-Crocks-overdrive to play the blues, and I'm ready! Trs beautiful clean-crunch with the simulation Tweed, the Brit in a clean and overdrive higain gives good color ...
(See forum for examples)
But what do I see, a lamp that heats the indoor? Oh no, this is the diode ... I would almost have thought ...
(J'exagre and I know)

With the simulation of the HP UltraG, I will almost 10. But do not forget I'm supposed to note only the GDI21 ... Alone it is 4. In again.
I mean, come on, 7.


I use it for two days, say that I spent two days on it, and I am far from having made the rounds.
I love the sound, and I dtest sound.
Aesthetics is really good, they chose a beautiful blue.
The report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable, well ... sr
I do it again this election! I bought the APRS BDI21 (the same for bass) because he had convinced me, and the GDI did not either!

But why does it sound so bad yourself ?.... damage, they have something good rat.
If you do not have simu HP hardware or software, where no guitar speaker cabinet to get him out, go your way.

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