Line 6 Bass POD
Line 6 Bass POD

Bass POD, Bass Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Bean series.

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 10 reviews )
 2 reviews20 %
 5 reviews50 %
 2 reviews20 %
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Value For Money : Poor
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mooseherman's review"Effective digital amp modeler, but outdated and outmatched"

Line 6 Bass POD
This is a digital amp modeling device made by Line 6 specifically for the electric bass. Line 6 achieved a lot of success with these for guitars, and this model is very similar just with none of the extra guitar stuff you wouldn't need for bass. The device has a 1/4" input, headphone out, and two 1/4" outputs. One of the outputs acts as a pre-amp/amp modeler/effects processor and the other one is a DI. So you can use this box for either function or even both if you wanted to.


Using this machine is a little difficult at first, but like most multi-effects units, it gets easier with time. The manual helps explain the device really well, it's incredibly thorough and really gives you a full explanation of how everything works. It also illustrates the possibilities that are available with this machine beautifully. The setup is also surprisingly easy to use, which makes this thing useful for people who aren't the most tech-savvy.


This was always the best amp modeling device around during its heyday. It didn't exactly NAIL the tone down perfectly, but it was probably the closest to the real thing of all the competition. Not to mention the sheer number of different amps that it could replicate pretty well. I think that it did a better job with the Mesa/Boogies than it did with the Fenders. Basically it didn't do tubes as well, but that more or less goes without saying. Overall, it could function in certain cases as the definitive tone of a recording, or it could add a nice supplement to the sound that you already have. Either way it is always useful.


I've discussed what I like about this device. The only issue I have with it now is that I'd only use it for recording, and Line 6 has already developed Amp Farm plug-in software, which does an excellent (possibly even better) job of emulating amplifiers. So I would probably have to recommend that over the Bass Pod, unless you can get it really cheaply and don't feel like buying Amp Farm. I wouldn't recommend the latter option but it is there if you need it. Overall, this is a great product that is totally reliable, it just may have been made obsolete by its own company.

MGR/yellowdragon82's review"Line 6 Bass Pod"

Line 6 Bass POD
Bought it at Mars Music (R.I.P) in Arlington Texas
It was a display the last one in the store since they had a going out of buisness sale. Paid $200!!! for it.

The modeling and effects are top notch. So many to choose from. It's moderately easy to use to.

The "gianormous" ammount of selection is kinda overwhelming. Not a dislike it just I am so indecisive that it becomes hard to choose.
It's also not the PODs fault that Im not too technically inclined and have a hard time with all the nobs.

Its plastic, light wieght, and I would slit my wrists if I dropped the little bugger.

Its a great preamp but a better recording device (I have yet to use it for the latter...but plan on it). Most impotantly READ THE MANUAL!!! I had to download one from Go Line 6, go!

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MGR/japhydean's review"Line 6 Bass POD"

Line 6 Bass POD
I bought the POD at Guitar Center on Sunset - paid around $275 for it along with a 4-channel footswitch made especially for the POD. I purchased it because I play in a power trio, and the music is somewhat "theatrical", so I was looking for a way to be able to diversify my sound in specific areas of certain songs.

I like a lot of the flange and chorus effects - and saving the sounds is really a breeze. I also like the feature that allows you to emulate the sound of classic amp/speaker combos, however I already play through a great Ampeg Rig with a sound that I like very much, so I rarely utilized this feature.

In spite of a wide variety of distortion options, I never really found a "fuzz" sound that did it for me - I tweaked them every way I could but could never find what I was looking for. Every setting seemed to kill that attack on each note, and it didn't allow for a distortion sound with a good PUNCH. The main thing I didn't like though, was the footswitch setup. I purchased the POD to play live and that was a mistake. There was a second of delay when I hit the switch to go from one sound to another, and I wasn't able to go from preset to preset cleanly. I think the POD would be excellent for studio work, but using it live (for my purposes anyway) just wasn't an viable option.

The unit is constructed solidly - I don't really have any "samsonite" stories where I sent it tumbling down 4 flights of stairs or anything, but it fit in my gig bag nicely and I never had any problems with it.

The bottom line is, I think the POD is good for studio work and maybe for helping to improve the sound quality of a cheap rig, but using it live simply didn't work for me.

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MGR/matt b08/28/2002

MGR/matt b's review"Line 6 Bass POD"

Line 6 Bass POD
I went to a local guitar center and saw the bass pod pro and jammed on that and i thought it was great. i have a combo so i went with the regular pod.i got it for 300.

i love how you can custimize all the sounds you want and save the on the pod. like 1 a-b-c-d all the way to makes my amp sound so much better.just make the every thing to a minimum on the amp and let the pod do it for you. and even when you save the sounds you want ,,even if the knobs get moved it wont screw the saved, cool effects too

nothing...great thing to have

durable ,,hard plastic ,, dropped mine alot and its all good.

get it

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MGR/Johnny P. Good11/02/2001

MGR/Johnny P. Good's review"Line 6 Bass Pod"

Line 6 Bass POD
I bought this unit from Guitar center. I paid $250 for it.

The sound is incredible. One thing is that all my guitars sound great in it, including my Les Paul Standard and my Nylon string guitar through a piezzo. Vocals and synths also sound great through it. The Bass Pod adds depth when serialed after the Guitar Pod. It sounds awesome for my 6 string bass too, of course. There is a great deal of diverse and useful amp and speaker simulators. All of the functions, and configurations are accessible on the unit itself. Software and a midi connection to a computer are not needed. I tried matching sounds to compact disk recordings of my favorite bass players. I found it fairly easy to do so, without a digital sound, or flat "warm" sound like other units have. There is also no appreciable background noise from the amps. It's a great alternative to a heavy rig, totally appartment sized. You can practice with headphones, playing as loud as you want, without disturbing/being disturbed by the neighbors. The Bass Pod also sounds great on hard drive recordings, giving a full professional sound, that fits well into the mix without too much tweaking. The best bass is the one you don't notice.

I don't like some of the effects. I like effects that are weird as long as they are useful. I can't groove into the bass synth effects on the unit. I also think there are too many distortion options. I think the unit would benefit from having reverb, delay, and classic wah effects like bass balls.

The Bass Pod is durable. I once dropped it from 4 feet high. It landed top down on the knobs. No problems. The knobs themselves have dust sheilds on them to prevent dust particles from creeping into the pots. However, the dust eventually does get in there, so I would recommend storing your unit in a drawer, box, or bag. It's definitely a road worthy unit.

I haven't tried a lot of bass effects units or bass amp simulators. I just wanted an easy to use, no hassle unit with knobs instead of a digital menu system. I wanted something that sounded good enough to record. I got way more than I expected with this unit. Priced like a practice amp, it's definitely worth the money.

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La_Zouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Bass POD
A multi effects / amp simulator.
Between Jack and noon.


Sounds very origins are correct but the creations of new sounds mesessite time and good comprhention of materials.
The manual is well done.


The effects are correct.
I use it either in concert or recording.


He has a good ventail of sounds that make him a good mat.
It takes little space and, once our rglages backup, it is very easy to live BE USED.

We must however ask a place or a foot will not crush the later because we tend to forget in his corner.

manorhead's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Bass POD
Prampli with bass amp simulator and effects numrique

audio input, DI, and Midi
Non Rack


You turn the knob and it works
However the manual is essential to save, duplicate and classify the sounds. but as it is well done and that the download just in French from the manufacturer ...


The effects are not bad. but the amp simulation is trs Ingala according MODELS.
I use the bass pod with several bass. The goal for me silent to simulate the heat and light grain amps on 70's transistor amps and have in addition a distortion above all a. In just a rptition greatly. In a real recording studio amp lamp is right even better.
I like the distortion.
I am not convinced by that I do not rvrbes


I use my pod for 8 years
I like the cot solid scrap box
I like the tuner
I like the fact that Get You Started always the last sound (if it does not save you I turn the knobs. I use as a sound, it is convenient.
what I like least is that we no longer find pedals to change the sounds. I wish I could do a bypass but not the way to find the right price pedals that went with the era o this version is released.

o the era I bought the new c'tait modlisation amp, I had some distortion essaill first prize trs not convincing. The pod silent expensive, but now used, has done a good prampli multi-effect for bass with a palette of vintage sound nice.

with the exprience I mtrais my money in a real prampli lamp.

frateso's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Bass POD
A small device handy. The possibilities are many. you can choose your type of amp
and involve several configurations of speakers and adjust the sound and then save it.


A weakness, however. There is no possibility to store the difference in gain from one sound to another. Very annoying when live on the same piece we use two sounds for example. It is imperative to intervene on the gain knob.


You can get a warm
a nice tube amp. Interesting option for those who have a small transistor combo.


A good choice for a great sound without breaking the bank too.

estepo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Bass POD
Amp simulator and blablabla


Relatively simple


For help, but my god what have I to MRIT a.
It really stuck, I bought a POD PRO auparavnt and thought I was going to be the same thing for the Bass POD ... Well no.
The simulations are not too bad but really not up to what Line 6 offers gnral and effects .... how can I say ...... NUL.
I can not make good sound out of this black bote.


I've had one month and I regret it. I bought it like that ... this is the right plan for drinking sounds and I m'suis plant that is all.
NOTE: For cons, I heard a lot about the Boss GT-6B, including the simulations.

music.manbasse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Bass POD
Fact that needs no introduction.
Contains amp simulator ...


It's rather simple to use, we take an amp simulation, he adds a simulated pregnant and you're jou.
I jou on bcp amp and speaker, the sounds raproche ... but I'd like to find someone who can guess the amp simulation is the ear.


Well, then, is not really listening to real amp before.
I had the bass pod and pod pro, live in the studio ... it adds to the sound, but its not everything.
Simulation are found amp and speaker that will allow you to have a more rounded, warmer ... but should not dream. I was rather disappointed. I was told of his death ... c not.


Sincerely, the largest ds the sounds of a bass ... c not prampli is low.
Buy you a super low: Music Man, Fender, ext .. or bass luthier.